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From:     zz Michael Reilly <zz_michael_reilly@???????.????.???.au>
Date:     20 Mar 1995 10:11:32 +1000
Subject:  Re: SPJ : The Kender Fleet
On Thursday, 16 March 1995,  Thomas  <NSBOS0340@?????.?????.edu> sent a
message about the Kender Fleet.

> I'm sorry, I had to share this with my players.  I think they were more
> horrified than I was..
> Brings all new meaning to the word Wanderlust.

Obviously you have not played a Kender PC or been in a party with a Kender
PC. The Kender race is very resourceful, trustworthy, friendly and
compassionate. Just because they are a race of kleptomaniacs doesn't mean
that there is anything WRONG or EVIL about them. If you check in Dragonlance
Adventures, The Player's Handbook to Dragonlance or the Tales of Dragonlance
boxed set, you will find that there are none and never will be any evil
kender, due to their trustworthiness and care for fellow people(except when
they are in the proccess of taunting some one).

If anyone has anything that they may be able to contribute towards a Kender
Fleet and changing them from a minor spelljamming race to a major one, please
contact me through my e-mail address or this list.


Date: Thu, 16 Mar 1995 08:41:04 -0600 (CST)
From: ereuben@???????.???.??.cr (Ernest 'N True)
Subject: Library & NJG2TG

Good Morning fellow listmembers!
  Its nice and sunny in CR at least =)
  Some time back Ville Lavonius posted a "SJ Library" in 6 parts, they were
all pretty extensive, and the stuff inside is all pretty cool, however Sean
and I are working on the NJG2TG (what an weird acronym!, its the NetJammers
Guide to the Galaxy just in case...) and we'd like to know from *you* the
list members, the contributors of this guide, the ones who will find it
useful, if you think that the Library should be included within the Guide or
if it should be found with the guide, as in the same directory, like will be
done with the spheres (Terraspace, Nilespace, etc.).
  Please reply as soon as possible that we may get the guide ready pronto.



Date: Thu, 16 Mar 1995 10:53:52 -0500
From: Skreyn@???.com
Subject: Ideas about laser

VDONGEN@??????.??????????.nl> wrote:
>Now there are two solutions. First, since we're using magic anyway, why not
>make a spell that filters and purifies the light into one color (some minor
>alteration spell) and use another spell to focus the light really good
>(some medium level priest spell, I'd say). There's your laser, effectively
>cutting steel, and traveling really far (but try to spot a single dot of
>light at a distance of several AU; you'd have to be right on the spot to
>notice it in the first place, as no light is dispersed in any direction
>but right ahead).

Well, except for the long-distance thing, I think it would be easier
just to make a new spell or magic wand (so _anybody_ could use it)
that accomplished these tasks (sharp beam of light that can cut metal
and does damage to flesh, too).
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