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From:     zz David Reilly <zz_david_reilly@???????.????.???.au>
Date:     13 Mar 1995 12:32:41 +1000
Subject:  Re: SPELLJAMMER digest 143
Sounds like a kewl! item. But how much damage does the weapon do in normal
combat? You mentioned its explosion, but what about normally?
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A new item I've been working on. (vassar_sc@??????.????.edu)


Date: Wed, 08 Mar 1995 15:25:28 EST
From: vassar_sc@??????.????.edu
Subject: A new item I've been working on.

	Here I am again with a new item (non-magical).

	It's called the CLAVRUC.  This is an acronym which stands for

	Continual Light Amplified Via RUby Crystal.

	It's what Trekkers out there would call a phaser.
	Here's how it works:

	A small chamber in the gun is enchanted with a continual light
	spell.  To fire the weapon, you need simply pull the trigger.
	When you pull it, it opens a shutter on the chamber, allowing
	light from it to pass through the crystal.  The crystal has
	been cut so that it focuses the light into a tight beam.
	This beam is capable of cutting through metal.

	When it's used in combat, it gives the wielder a couple of bonuses.
	First, it's fast, giving you a ROF of 3/1.  It's also accurate,
	giving you a +1 to hit.  However, it does have drawbacks.

	If it is fired for more than two rounds straight without a
	round to cool, the crystal heats up to critical temperature
	and cracks, releasing the energy of the spell in a large
	explosion.  The person holding it takes 3d6 points of damage,
	as well as anyone standing within 10' of him.

	Also, if the person holding it is every hit hard, (i.e. an
	attack roll of 18 or more), then they must make a saving throw
	vs. Crushing Blow for the gun.  If they fail, it explodes like
	a critical heatup.

	I estimated the price for this at about 30,000 GP.  Please
	tell me if this is too much, I have had a little trouble
	estimating prices.  If there aren't enough drawbacks, again
	please tell me.  This is my second attempt to give my campaigns
	a bit of a feel of Star Trek, which I can relate to easily.

	I am working now a sensor array right now.  Stay tuned.

~    Shane C. Vassar                 West Virginia Wesleyan College
~    Computer Science Major          Address:  vassar_sc@??????.????.edu
~    ADND Rules!
~    (No Pun Intended!)              Sir!  Neogi Deathspider at 12:00!
~				     Bombards Away!  Catapults Away!          ~
~                                    We hit her, sir!  She's listin'!

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