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From:     zz Michael Reilly <zz_michael_reilly@???????.????.???.au>
Date:     10 Mar 1995 12:35:29 +1000
Subject:  Re: SPELLJAMMER digest 143
On Wed, 08 Mar 1995, vassar_sc@??????.????.edu mentioned that he made a

>Here I am again with a new item (non-magical).

Of course it,s magical. You said that it had continual light on it.
If you cast detect magic on it, the spell would be detected, therefore it is

>	It's called the CLAVRUC.  This is an acronym which stands for
>	Continual Light Amplified Via RUby Crystal.
>	It's what Trekkers out there would call a phaser.

Why don't you stop beating around the bush and call it a Laser or Phaser.

>	A small chamber in the gun is enchanted with a continual light
>	spell.  To fire the weapon, you need simply pull the trigger.
>	When you pull it, it opens a shutter on the chamber, allowing
>	light from it to pass through the crystal.  The crystal has
>	been cut so that it focuses the light into a tight beam.
>	This beam is capable of cutting through metal.

Do you really think a person in medieval times would have thought about that?
Seriously, no one would have known even how to build it. Also, what damage
does it do or what speed factor. Could use please have a look at the PH
weapon table and send the data in a smalll table with headings like in that
table. That way,, we will all be able to use it in our adevntures.

	>If it is fired for more than two rounds straight without a
	>round to cool, the crystal heats up to critical temperature
	>and cracks, releasing the energy of the spell in a large
	>explosion.  The person holding it takes 3d6 points of damage,
	>as well as anyone standing within 10' of him.

As it can fires three times per round, change it to being able to fire 6
shots before a round of recharge, as the user may fire one shot one round,
and then three shots. The two shots would be wasted. You said that it will
blow up if the user is hit hard and it fails a save. You should change it so
that it will blow up on a 20 or a called shot (see Complete Fighter's
Handbook for good rules).

>	I estimated the price for this at about 30,000 GP.

That price is definitely too low for the item. If it is that powerful, it
should be more then a few castles. Try about 300,000 platinum pieces.
>	I am working now a sensor array right now.

That is an idea that is interesting. It could be used in the flow to pick up
locations of new spheres. Keep working on it and send it to the listserver
when finished.

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