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From:     Ken Lipka <klipka@??????.???.????.com>
Date:     Wed, 1 Mar 95 8:27:19 EST
Subject:  Re: Ship-to-Ship Tactics
Someone who's name I can't recall at the moment wrote:

[request for what do to about combat when you are out-flown and out-gunned]

	In what case do you mean?  Do you want to know what you do as a boat
of PCs?  In that case, the answer is;  Board 'em.  I've found that unless the
other ship is also full of "PCs", the enemy gets creamed once the players are
able to bring the full powers of their characters to bear.
	Or do you mean in general, with a crew of normal people?  In that case,
you surrender.  (And hope that the other ship leaves prisoners/defeated alive.)
If you are a treacherous captain, you 'surrender' but have your crew ready to
attack if the other ship is crewed by relatvie weenies.

[request for suprise attacks]

	Again, are we talking PCs or Normals?  PCs have incredible options for
surprise attacks:  spells, magic items, etc.  One example that I used AGAINST
my players was a hammership hailed them for news.  Using the spyglass, they
could see that all of weapons on it were unloaded and unmanned.  So the party
approached for news.  And then at point blank range, the enemy vessel fired
the heavy catapult that had been cloaked by a phantasmal force spell as well
as a mage using a ring of shooting stars on them.  Then all the marines who
had been crouching behind the gunwales stood up and swarmed over to the other
	The above can nearly work with Normals.  Just set up a false crate or
steering house over a weapon, and drop the sides at the last moment to fire it.
People hiding in the hold is also a standard trick.  Depending on how rich you
are, you could have a unique shipboard weapon.  An accelerator has the
longest range of anything, and a high rate of fire.  A bombard hidden behind
a hatch in the side can also cause a big reaction.  Also, you could use mage
shot in your catapults (stones filled with green slime do wonders).

	That's really all I had.  I can't remember any of the other questions
off-hand.  Hope this helps.

	Ken Lipka

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Month Index: March, 1995

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