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From:     zz David Reilly <zz_david_reilly@???????.????.???.au>
Date:     27 Feb 1995 09:55:04 +1000
Subject:  Re: The frame of commonality between the populous of the multiverse
In Reply To :

   First of all how come all the worlds develop the same kind of demi-humans,
I don't mean exactly cos say humans in FR are different to humans in Mystara.
What I mean is why are there always dwarves, elves, humans, gnomes, etc in

   Why in all the worlds do the races develop the same weapons?  Say the long
sword, its one of the original slashing swords, yet its in all the worlds,
now here we come into a problem, say in a sphere there are 12 planets and out
of those, two have life, so one is the "main" planet and develops long
swords, bastard swords and all the crap...  but then the other world develops
the same stuff!  How can this be explained?

Good question. As a realistic parralel, why are the certain similarities
between the factions of humanity? There are certain, concepts that are part
of the human psyche ( a smile is a smile no matter what culture you came from

Some scientists belive that certain concepts or actions are genetically
imprinted into us, that it is hereditary instinct. Now the point i'm trying
to get accross here is that perhaps we elves, dwarves, humans and gnomes of
Toril, are indeed releated in some small way to those of Krynn, and to all
others in differing spheres! Lost knowledge from the dawn of antiquity, and
indeed from the times when the crystal spheres were forged, many have
manifested itself in similar discoveries across the multiverse!

My studies into the common frame of reference between spheres suggest that
perhaps we were once seeded by ancient civilisations whose knowledge has
since been lost. In the Clockmaster Cycle "hints" are given to this ancient
race (could they be responsible, or another more powerful civilisation).

I'd be interesed on your thoughts.

In Reply To:

   Is there a logical explanation to the equity of all things in the
multiverse, or is it all a mystery like who made the multiverse to start

   Do I ponder much on things as deep as air?

I hope there is a rational explination. Wouldn't want to put it down to lack
of originality on TSR game designers now would we?

And as for the pondering things as deep as air - its a very deep and
philosophical statement that has very potent ramifications. If you didn't
ask, we wouldn't have thought of such an important factor for our campaigns.

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