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Month Index: February, 1995

From:     Joseph Delisle <jd@?????.net>
Date:     Sat, 25 Feb 1995 22:51:53 -0500 (EST)
Subject:  Re: SPELLJAMMER digest 132
> From: ereuben@???????.???.??.cr (Ernest 'N True)
>    First of all how come all the worlds develop the same kind of
> demi-humans, I don't mean exactly cos say humans in FR are different to
                                    ^^^ it's spelled "because"
> humans in Mystara.  What I mean is why are there always dwarves, elves,
> humans, gnomes, etc in general?

	In general, there is one "right" answer to your question: the
designers were lazy, and didn't want to go to the extra trouble of creating
totally new races (or weapons). Another thing is that the designers don't
want to offend the elf, dwarf, gnome, etc lovers (losing sales is a
no-no). Besides, almost all the campaign worlds are designed WITHOUT
Spelljammer in mind. Krynn, Mystara, Greyhawk, and others were designed
before Spelljammer came out.
	Also, not all the worlds have the same demi-humans. Orcs, kender,
half-giants, and halflings aren't found on some game worlds. I guess you
can justify it in game terms by saying that either the gods of those races
are more powerful than, say, lizard man gods, or just that the races have
greater wanderlust and the need to explore and expand.
	Or you can keep both feet firmly planted in reality, and realize
it's too much work, with too little payback.

>    Why in all the worlds do the races develop the same weapons?  Say the
> long sword, its one of the original slashing swords, yet its in all the
> worlds, now here we come into a problem, say in a sphere there are 12
> planets and out of those, two have life, so one is the "main" planet and
> develops long swords, bastard swords and all the crap...  but then the
> other world develops the same stuff!  How can this be explained?

	A. The designers were lazy.
	B. Technological standstill. Almost all of the game worlds have
been in a medieval period for thousands of years (it only lasted for about
1000 on earth, being generous). Gunpowder weapons really can't evolve (it
would change the game too much), and physiology doesn't change that much
from world to world either -- humans always range from 5 feet to 7 feet, 2
arms, 2 legs, with 3-18 strength. Sooner or later, all non-gunpowder,
non-high tech weapons are going to get tried. The cheapest, the most
lethal, and the most cost efficient will stay around.

>    Furthermore how come so many worlds develop spelljamming without the aid
> of dropping in/passer-by spelljammers?

	Simple -- they can't. The Arcane control all spelljamming
technology. Anything else is just a glorified Fly spell, and most can't
reach true "spelljamming" speeds.
	Now, if you're talking about how the inspiration of going into
space gets started, I'd point out that most planets have sun(s), moon(s),
star(s), and even birds. The only exception is Krikkit, and that's another
ball of wax.

>    Why is it the same spells develop in the different worlds and even
> worlds out of the same sphere?!  Well about the spells let me clear it
> up, I don't mean things like Mordenkainen's Sword or whatever the spell
> is called cos thats from a specific wizard from FR I think, now I mean
> spells like cantrip, magic missile, etc...

	A. The designers were (justifiably) lazy -- creating new spell
lists for a world would take too long, and HAS NO POINT. There is no
advantage to creating all new spells, when players already have
favorites. As always, you can use the rules for changing monsters to
changes spells (Magic Missile becomes Vic's Venomous Vipers -- same stats,
different appearance).
	If you're really bothered by all this, you could always make up
your own races, weapons and spells. I'm sure everyone here would appreciate
your work.

>    Is there a logical explanation to the equity of all things in the
> multiverse, or is it all a mystery like who made the multiverse to start
> with?

	Two words: Gary Gygax.   :)

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Month Index: February, 1995

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