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From:     "A little fish in a big pond." <NSBOS0340@?????.?????.edu>
Date:     Sat, 25 Feb 1995 19:52:27 -0600 (CST)
Subject:  Re: Repeats
>    First of all how come all the worlds develop the same kind of demi-humans,
> I don't mean exactly cos say humans in FR are different to humans in Mystara.
> What I mean is why are there always dwarves, elves, humans, gnomes, etc in
> general?

Well, there's a variety of explanations *possible*.  Like the idea of a
seeder race who's been planting humans and demi-humans all about.  Or a
long-lost period (an ancient platinum age) in which these particular races
rules much of known space, thousands of years before the most ancient of
history, now forgotten (with a few artifacts like the Spelljammer herself
left behind).  Or simultaneous evolution (sketchy ;).

Or you could just "say it ain't so".  I've been working on a campaign
idea, not yet implemented, where the humans (and a few other recognizable
groups) have only just recently achieved the spelljammer technology.  And
they've sent the PCs (all 9-12th level equivalent) out to explore.  We
won't likely be finding much the same beyond this sphere...

>    Why in all the worlds do the races develop the same weapons?  Say the
> long
> sword, its one of the original slashing swords, yet its in all the worlds,
> now
> here we come into a problem, say in a sphere there are 12 planets and out of
> those, two have life, so one is the "main" planet and develops long swords,
> bastard swords and all the crap...  but then the other world develops the
> same stuff!  How can this be explained?

Well, some weapons are very basic to the humanoid shape.  Of course, an
elven longsword *should* look different.  And so should a Planet X longsword.
But a straight (or slightly curved) edge-plus-point of a certain effective
length will have similar game stats no matter where you go.

Of course, weapon technology should not be the same everywhere, but that's
too long a topic for me right now ;)

>    Furthermore how come so many worlds develop spelljamming without the aid
> of dropping in/passer-by spelljammers?

They don't.  They either *find* a 'jammer, are sold one by the Arcane,
capture a 'jammer, or otherwise nab one from the others.

>    Why is it the same spells develop in the different worlds and even worlds
> out of the same sphere?!  Well about the spells let me clear it up, I don't
> mean things like Mordenkainen's Sword or whatever the spell is called cos
> thats from a specific wizard from FR I think, now I mean spells like cantrip,
> magic missile, etc...

I can answer this one easy: can you imagine staying up all night trying
to come up with a new list of spells just as complete as the present one
for *every* world you have in your game?

If you've really got problems with it, try varying the appearance slightly,
changing the names, and maybe even increasing and decreasing the levels of
some schools of magic.  Maybe all Necromancy spells are lowered by 1 level
for Neogi, but all Alteration spells are upped by 1 level.  This option
could make choosing your race, sphere, and planet an interesting

>    Is there a logical explanation to the equity of all things in the
> multiverse, or is it all a mystery like who made the multiverse to start with?

Up to you, the GM.  Personally, I like to have a GUT (Grand Unified
Theory) for my universes.  I don't necessarily share this with the players,
but it *does* make the world behave more consistently.

-The Mad Construct
-a lurker, perched above the eye, glaring 'round at all with baleful sight

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