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From:     zz Michael Reilly <zz_michael_reilly@???????.????.???.au>
Date:     26 Feb 1995 11:14:32 +1000
Subject:  Re: SPELLJAMMER digest 132
It's a game! The main idea of AD&D is to be a recreation. When you think
about, how could most of the creatures in the game ever be created.

One reason for the same weapons and races, changed slightly with some
additions, be on every planet is that the needs to be some kind of standard
or the game is useless!
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Repeats (ereuben@???????.???.??.cr (Ernest 'N True))


Date: Sat, 25 Feb 1995 17:33:31 -0600 (CST)
From: ereuben@???????.???.??.cr (Ernest 'N True)
Subject: Repeats

Hello everyone,
   Been a little quiet these days and I came up with a few questions to make,
they might sound different but thats the kind of thing I've been thinking of

   First of all how come all the worlds develop the same kind of demi-humans,
I don't mean exactly cos say humans in FR are different to humans in Mystara.
What I mean is why are there always dwarves, elves, humans, gnomes, etc in

   Why in all the worlds do the races develop the same weapons?  Say the long
sword, its one of the original slashing swords, yet its in all the worlds,
here we come into a problem, say in a sphere there are 12 planets and out of
those, two have life, so one is the "main" planet and develops long swords,
bastard swords and all the crap...  but then the other world develops the
same stuff!  How can this be explained?

   Furthermore how come so many worlds develop spelljamming without the aid
of dropping in/passer-by spelljammers?

   Why is it the same spells develop in the different worlds and even worlds
out of the same sphere?!  Well about the spells let me clear it up, I don't
mean things like Mordenkainen's Sword or whatever the spell is called cos
thats from a specific wizard from FR I think, now I mean spells like cantrip,
magic missile, etc...

   Is there a logical explanation to the equity of all things in the
multiverse, or is it all a mystery like who made the multiverse to start

   Do I ponder much on things as deep as air?


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