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From:     Joseph Delisle <jd@?????.net>
Date:     Sun, 19 Feb 1995 15:39:39 -0500 (EST)
Subject:  Re: SPELLJAMMER digest 130
In a previous message, spelljammer@?????????.??.uk said...
> Trill
> Ability         Range      Adjustment
> Strength        3/17         -1
> Dexterity       3/18         0
> Constitution    3/16         -d2

	I would just make this a straight -2 penalty, due to the fact that
not only is the symbiont vulnerable to poisons, but getting hit in the gut
is a _bad_ thing.

> Intelligence    6/20         *
> Wisdom          7/21         *
> Charisma        5/18         +1

> Trills tend to have numerous physical weekness, probably as a result of the
> symbiosis.  Hense the penalties on Strength and Constitution.  A truly wicked
> GM might want to give them vulnerability to certain kinds of magics, poisons,
> and so on.

	How would a joined Trill be affected by mind control? I haven't seen
that mentioned. From everything I've seen and read, there's only one mind,
by the fact that it's spread across two brains and somewhat alien would be
grounds for giving a bonus of some sort.

> By the same token, however, Trills have sizeable benefits for Inteligence and
> Wisdom.  This reflects several lifetimes of experience, as conveyed by the
> symbiont.  To reflect this, assume that the symbiont has lived in each
> previous host for 51 to 70 years: 50+d20. (Determining the number of previous
> hosts is described below).  The character then adds this resulting total to
> their effective age, and receive the intelligence and wisdom benefits therof.
>  However, they do not receive the physical penalties of old age until the
> host reaches the appropriate age.

	Is there some kind of bonus for when the host reaches middle and old
age, or do these bonuses replace those? IMHO, I would give a "per host"
bonus, because a 200 year old symbiont will have as many adjustments as a
500 year old symbiont.

> When a PC generates a Trill PC, they should roll 1d12-1.  This indicates how
> many hosts their symbiont has had.  For each host, the character earns 2-5
> secondary skills *and* one non-weapon proficiency.  The secondary skills
> should be totally random.  Duplicate rolls for a secondary skill (if they
> happen) should be changed into a matching non-weapon proficiency.
> The non-weapon proficiencies from the symbiont should be based on the
> experiences of the previous hosts.  This can be achieved with the supervision
> of the GM, or by using the following table:

	Maybe I've read the books incorrectly, but secondary skills are
actual professions, while NWPs are just minor skills. Having the secondary
skill of farming means the character knows everything about farming, not
just the "Agriculture" and "Animal Handling" proficiencies. I would probably
give 1 secondary skill and d4 NWPs per host.

> d6  Class of previous host:
> 1   Warrior
> 2-3 Mage
> 4-5 Priest
> 6   Rogue

	I would change the table slightly:

1	Warrior
2-4	Mage
5-6	Priest
7	Rogue
8	Psionicist (or military officer, for those who don't use psionics)
9-10	NPC -- no rateable class (functioned as a scribe, diplomat, artist
	governemnt official, etc)

	The problem is that there is no way in AD&D to give a class rating
to things that fall outside the "big 4" classes. I doubt that the Comission
would like the idea that all of the symbionts are doing dangerous things and
risking their lives every day.

>  Combined with her level, Jadzea has thirteen proficiency slots.  By
> rolling d4+1 for all seven hosts, and another d4 for the current host, Jadzea
> Dax receives *29* rolls on the secondary skills table.

	That's 4 seperate professions held by every host -- a bit much, even
for Star Trek! I'd rather give 29 NWPs (and there are plenty available from
net.sources and Complete Handbooks), and 13 secondary skills.

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