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Month Index: February, 1995

From:     Ken Lipka <klipka@??????.???.????.com>
Date:     Fri, 3 Feb 95 8:55:40 EST
Subject:  Re: Stops and Such
> What is the point of instant stops in the first place?  I mean, why if a
> mage gets off the helm the ship automaticly 'stops', why not have ships
> risk colliding with things if they are moving at high speeds without
> comone of the helm.
	The point is exactly that.  Because it's a magical universe, the
creators got around the boring part of slowing down for three weeks before
your destination.  I will point out that it is _MY_ interpretation that once
a mage leaves the helm, the ship is totally powerless.  I believe that you
are correct and that it would be more appropriate for the ship to continue to
move in the last direction and speed it was at when the mage leaves the helm.
This doe sallow for constant travel on a hip with one helmsman - he can only
be in the helm for 8 hours at a time.  But again, if you are in a gravity well
and try this, no dice.

> Another problem with the instant stop is that you can't really have running
> fights.  There is no dodging behind a moon if you've been brought out
> of SR, you can't seek refuge on a planet and dodge behind clouds unless you
> started the battle really close to the planet anyway.
	Sure you can.  True, there is no moon dodging.  But then, a moon is
a gravity well and flying in atmosphere is never fun anyway.  But there is
plenty of time to dodge in clouds, whether you started in the planet or not.
If you can just keep distance on your enemy long enough, you will either get
to your destination and cna dodge in the clouds, or he will just get sick of
this endless chase and break off.
	Part of your problem is that SR means tactial.  In most terms, if you've
been brought out of SR, you're stopped.  Now, being brought out of SJ speed,
that's a different story.  Besides, at SJ, you couldn't dodge behind a moon
anyway.  If someone is able to follow you at SJ, they could very easily find
you just out of 'mere' sight.  **  Wait, I take that back.  I did think of
a situation where this could work.  Say that a ship with a faster SR is
fleeing from one with a slower.  This first one would pull away from the
second, in more or less a straight line.  As soon as the correct distance is
hit, both ships go to SJ.  If they stay in the same line, the second could
follow the first.  But the second would need a good telescope or magic to
keep the second in sight.  (I think the cirtical range is 30 hexes, which is
8.5 miles.  And to see a 30' wide object at this distance...)  But, if this
problem is overcome, the second could follow the first to a planet.  The
first could then dodge behind the moon and either:  stop, go into the well,
or change course.  Without magic, the second would most likely lose sight of
the first one.

> Are all gravity fields the same intensity, 1 g or zero g?
	In official terms, yes.

> Can someone in space use an Unseen Servant to slowly accelerate them, possibly
> to very high speeds?
	No.  This is not real space.  Besides, it is cleary stated that
Unseen Servant can't do that anyway.  But, the Telekenesis spell on the other
hand, that clearly states that an object can be accelerated to terminal

> Is there an improved flight spell enabling flight at SR speeds?
> Are there any animals in Wildspace which can travel naturally at SR speeds?
	Assuming you mean SR as SJ and not tactical, then there is at least one
that I remember.  It is a dragon of some kind - one that grows to several
thousand MILES long.  I can't think of any ohters off-hand.  (But nearly
anything has an SR of 1.)

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Month Index: February, 1995

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