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From:     Ken Lipka <klipka@??????.???.????.com>
Date:     Thu, 2 Feb 95 9:10:06 EST
Subject:  Re: RE:[sj382] Ship Battles
> You mentioned battles _can_ take place in Wildspace, I'd like to know how.
> Even if you know the origin point, target point, and departure time extremely
> accurately, what guarantee do you have that intentionally or accidently
> your enemy is on a straight line between the two.  Besides, a straight
> line between two objects over a thousand miles in diameter covers a lot a
> space.
	Hey!  I said nothing as to the probability of a Wildspace battle, I
just said that it's possible.   Besides, there are plenty enough of chances in
a magical universe for a Wildspace battle to occur.
	Imagine a sphere that is littered with many, but well-known, sargassos.
There would be maybe one or two safe paths between any two points in the sphere.
Once your spy tells you which path the enemy is coming in on, off you go to
intercept him.
	Additionally, while the incoming path may be 1000 miles in diameter,
that is nothing compared to SJ speeds.  Spread the fleet out over this tube.
Have mages with Sending spells with each segment.  As soon as one part finds the
enemy, he radios the closest segment.  That segment radios the next closest
and then moves to engage.  The farthest could be a 100 miles in this example.
And at SJ speeds of 15 million miles a day, this 6 seconds away.  Given some
time to turn, and for overshoot, maybe 5 minutes away at most.
	On a greater note, the rules are screwed up anyway.  Based on the way
the rules work, fleets should never work anyway.  Each ship would have to be
something like 30 hexes away from each other to do SJ speeds.  And as soon as
one ship stopped, all others in the line would stop (at 30 hexes).  This means
that the first ship would get creamed by what it encountered before the
others even got close.  It is ONLY this strangeness that makes battles occur
at gravity wells.  (Or rather, it is the better reason.  Your fleet would
actually be a fleet at the destination, rather than a series of ships.)

> Another reason to look for trade winds is so that the mage can rest!  More
> cargo can be hauled if the winds are in your favor, especially ones with
> huge surfaces like Elven Man O' Wars.
	But remember, as soon as the mage is out of the Helm, the ship drops
like a rock inside of a gravity well.  An air body has gravity - it pulls
towards the center (how else does the air stay here?).  And even a "river"
of air can't support a ship, unless it's built with helium bulkheads.

> W/resp to Star Trek, I do indeed object to having two speeds when they are
> wildly inconsistent from series to series as to whether combat can take
> place at warp.  I don't mind being able to build up greater velocity when
> travelling in a straight line, I do mind the ship being _more_ maneuverable
>at Spelljamming speeds.  I do mind the instant-stop with respect to the primary
> whenever another object is encountered.
	Your first sentences here conflict.  You hate two speeds, for combat
purposes, but you don't mind for travel.  Well, SJ has two speeds for travel.
You can't fight at SJ (unless it's on teh ship itself - mutiny).  All combat
takes place at tactical speeds.
	Someone in a later message has addressed the maneuverability issue.
	Yes, the instant stop is silly, but remember - IT's MAGIC.  It can
whatever the hell it wants.  Besides, who's to say it's an instant stop
anyway?  This does explain the variable encounter range.  Maybe the detection
range of the ship is really huge and it starts slowing down really early.
BUT, for mechanics and playability, it is an 'instant' stop.

	Ken Lipka

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