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From:     Ken Lipka <klipka@??????.???.????.com>
Date:     Wed, 1 Feb 95 7:54:03 EST
Subject:  Re: Ship Battles and Air Worlds
Micheal Sandy wrote previously:
> I've always been uncomfortable with the two very different speeds of
> Spelljammer.  In a very large air body it might be interesting finding
> good trade winds and such.
	Why?  What's wrong with 'travelling speed' and 'tactical speed'?  It
makes perfect sense to me.  You need the high speed to get anywhere while
you're still alive, and you need the slower one to turn and stay alive.  A lot
space fiction has similar concepts.  (The most obvious being Star Trek:  Warp
adn Impulse.  Or do you have a problem with that as well?)  Even real space-
craft ahve two speeds:  launch (escape) velocity, and manuevering.  The main
example isthe shuttle.  It has huge boosters which force the bugger into
orbit.  Then, to mantain orbit, it has this (relatively) tiny little thrusters.
	In an air world, trade winds (unless they're gale force) are pointless
to a spelljamming vessel.  Remember, the slowest a SJ vessel can travel is 1 SR,
which is the same as 17 mph.  This is as fast as most light to moderate
breezes.  But any decent ship is at least going to have an SR of 3, which is
51 mph.  This starts to get us to storm winds here, which are a real pain to
fly in, since most SJ vessels aren't designed for real weather.


> If the battle takes place in an air body with no large gravity source nearby
> to fight, it could be a grand battle indeed.  In an air body where
> spelljamming speeds are impossible it is actually possible and plausible to
> have interceptions by fleets mid space.

	Yes, but the same thing can happen in the depths of wildspace.  A spy
leaks the course of one fleet to the other, and interception is plotted.  The
effect is the same:  a lot of ships in the same area with no large gravity well
nearby.  And due to the presence of other ships, no SJ speeds are possible.
And actually, if you are in an air body, you are in a gravity source.  Which
takes away the fun of causing your enemy's gravity plane to flip to match yours.

> People who fall overboard stay in the vicinity of the battle, in a battle
> between huge fleets large scale boarding actions by flyers could take place,
> like the Hawkmen in Flash Gordon.
	First, people would still in teh vicinty of the battle in space.  They
would stay in the gravity planes of their ships for a lot longer than they
would in an air world.  And even if they do leave the planes of the ships, they
don't start falling to the center of the air world.
	BUT, I do agree with you (finally) about the boarding actions by
flying creatures.  That is indeed someting that is no easily accomplished in
space.  I do not recall seeing any info on what happens to a winged creature
who leaves the air envelope of a ship.  Can they still fly?  DO have some
air to push their wings against, but is it enough to actually move them forward?

	With some points I needed to dispute,
	Ken Lipka

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