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From:     RJPugh@???.com
Date:     Mon, 23 Jan 1995 15:33:28 -0500
Subject:  Re: Stargate (fwd)
Hi gang.

Below is something that was posted on the Planescape list, dealing with the
use of the Stargate.  Since we talked about using similar gadgets in
Spelljammer some time back, some of you might find this useful.



Subj:	[PLANESCAPE:360] PLANESCAPE digest 102
Date:	95-01-22 17:34:14 EST
From:	planescape@?????????.??.uk

Stargate - A Complete Description (THE AVANGION OF DELPHI <SYREK@??????.com>)


Date: Sun, 22 Jan 1995 17:28:34 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Stargate - A Complete Description

Below I have compiled a resource in the works to make use of the Stargate in
Planescape campaigns.


Many millenia ago when the multiverse was still a new creation, the gods
strove to conquer the planes and battled mercilessly among each other.  More
than anything else, they went through great pains to gain followers on the
prime material worlds and destroy the followers of others.  One god whose
name is now lost among the corpses of the Astral plane melded his powers with
that of his wife, an also lost goddess, and forged a number of powerful
gates.  The true number is unknown, but it is believed that twelve such gates
were constructed.  The gods placed one on each plane they controlled (or
perhaps wished to control) and utilized them to conquer much of the
multiverse.  They were careless with their power, however, and a combined
assault from the other gods proved the flaws of the gates.  Unable to cope
with this sudden onslaught, the god and goddess attempted to destroy the
gates, but were unsuccessful and expelled from the outer planes.

The reason the god and goddess were unsuccessful is because they did not
realize that there was nothing to prevent the use of gates from the opposite
end and that all codes can be broken by the determined.  The armies of the
opposing gods passed through these gates and confronted their enemies on
their home plane.  It is believed that several of the gates were destroyed in
the battle and the remainder scattered about the planes, many placed on prime
material worlds where they rightfully thought they would not be found nor

The gates could be called artifacts, though there are probably more than one.
 Each gate has twenty-two runes carved about a rotatable ring that composes
the gate proper.  At the top of the gates is a window where the sections
inscribed with runes may lock into place.  When six such sequences are
complete, each traveling in the opposite direction of the previous turn after
making a complete turn (the first turn rotating clockwise - sort of like a
combination lock) the enclosed portion of the gate will energize into a gate
with the look and texture of water (if you've seen the movie this is
obvious).  When you pass through the gate, you are instantaneously shot throug
h the multiverse to the destination plane determined by the runic combination
entered into the gate (it is said that the pages of the Codex of the Infinite
Planes are marked with the correct combinations).  The exact location where
the traveler will end up has yet to be determined.  This is not to suggest
that nobody in the multiverse knows, it simply means I haven't figured
anything out yet.  Going by the movie, you end up at a gate by traveling
through the gate and each gate has different runes.  I will stop my
dissertation here and let others who wish to contribute to this to
do so.  Hopefully I email out more source material in the future.  I have
been doing some net work on quite a few games actually including a bunch of
stories and campaign ideas for the Earthdawn game.  If you enjoyed this, let
me know :)

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