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From:     VDONGEN@??????.??????????.nl
Date:     Wed, 11 Jan 1995 09:39:46 +0100 (MET)
Subject:  Re: Nilespace recent history
This is the most recent part of the history of Nilespace. I posted the earlier
history last month. As stated then, history of Nilespace can be separated into
myths and reality, because some pharao's chose to let history be rewritten a
few times. Most details of recent history are only available for planet Ra at
this time, because this is (the isolated planet) where our (at that time)
groundling campaign started off. Half of the credits go to Erik Timmers. More
about Nilespace to come... (thanks, all those who have reacted and gave some
new ideas).

Hans van Dongen (vdongen@??????.??????????.nl)

> -1765
Myth: the Nubians conquer Egyptia and keep it for a hundred years
Real Nilespace: tension exists between Egyptia and Nubia; the death of the
  strong pharao Amon Chepri III, and the weakness of his successor Amon
  Chepri IV cause that Nubia can conquer large parts of the Egyptian empire,
  among which at first the Egyptian colonies at Ra as well. A huge war in the
  crystal sphere brings the sphere to a sort of Middle Ages. The knowledge of
  spelljamming technology gets lost; Ra is once again unreachable.
Real Ra: Nubians take over the government from teh Egyptians. They rule the
  space trade routes; a blockade finally breaks the resistance. After about
  the year -1700 no more ships come (return) from space; people at Ra think
  that the gods destroyed the people out in space. In reality however, all
  ships are confiscated for war purposes. Gradually the Nubians lose the base
  of their power, but another 40 years are necessary to drive them back to
  their own territories (up to -1661).

> -1661
Myth: two sons of Amon Chepri IV fight for the crown after their father's
  death. They divide the empire.
Real Ra: the two rulers of the Egyptian colonies start to call themselves
  pharaos. This leads to forgery of the history-writing, to justify their
  respective dynasties.

-1645 planar travel leads the drow to Ra

-1574 to -1559
Myth: "War of the Spiders". The neogi are forgotten in myth; the drow get the
Real Nilespace: the Egyptian war with the Nubians continues. Nobody pays
  attention to a new race from a far crystal sphere, looking for a place to
  live: the neogi. The neogi manage to find someone who can still show them
  the way to the (almost empty) Ra planet. The neogi buy their way around
  defending armies.
Real Ra: the neogi set foot on Ra and find a natural ally (the drow) to lead
  the people into slavery. The drow see the neogi as followers of their deity
  Lolth. During 15 years together they try to conquer Ra. The united armies of
  all other races can't do a thing; they are beaten hopelessly. The (remains
  of their) spelljammer fleet is destroyed except for only a few ships.
  The situation changes when the neogi cheat the drow and the former allies
  start to fight amongst themselves. After -1559 the neogi on the planet are
  all destroyed; the drow are driven deep below ground.

> -1498
Myth 1: "Dwarven War I": the dwarves are beaten honorably.
Myth 2: old dwarvish sources speak about gods fighting along the side of the
Real Nilespace: the dark Middle Ages.
Real Ra: the colonies have spread until reaching dwarven territory. The
  xenophobous dwarves start a massive war against the colonies. The Egyptians
  (humans, halflings, orcs, and aarakocra) use their last remnant of
  spelljammer technology to finish the war. The dwarves have to do serious

Myth: the seven plagues of the shpynx.
Real Ra: the seven plagues of the shpynx.

Myth: exodus of a group of humans through the sea.
Real Ra: exodus of a group of people over the sea.

about -800
Myth: "Dwarven War II".
Real Ra: again war with the dwarves.

about -700
Myth: "Dwarven War III".
Real Ra: another war with the dwarves.

-110 to 18
Real space: "The First Inhuman War".

Real Ra: a group of orcs if fleeing from the Elven Imperial Fleet to a crustal
  sphere of which they found references in some old writings (Nilespace). They
  head straight to the center of the sphere, until their spelljammer helm
  refuses to work (Desert Sargasso). They crash on a large planet where they
  are treated very hospitable by a culture where humans and orcs live together
  peacefully (Egyptia).

Real Ra: The Elven Imperial Fleet has followed the orcs and finds them on Ra.
  The elves try to destroy the orcs but the orcs get help from others (humans,
  halflings, Egyptian orcs, etc.), because these people only know neutral orcs
  while the only organized elves they know are evil. For reasons yet unknown
  the Elven Imperial Fleet have forgotten their patrole to Nilespace and all
  elven ships are destroyed in the subsequent war. The elves are stuck on Ra
  and found Phillistia.

Real space: tinker gnomes start traveling the spaceways (dangerously).

Real Ra: the northern pharao of Ra conquers Phillistia.

Myth: Aten is censored out of the mythology.
Real Ra: the northern and the southern colonies have grown such as to meet
  each other's borders. Because one of the pharao's is also a follower of
  Aten (the forbidden god), war breaks out. This war will drag along for ages,
  even though the successor of the Aten-follower re-establishes the old
  deities. High war taxes and too little attention for the outer regions make
  that cities and countries decome more independent. The power of both pharaos
  decreases. Sjema [the island where the groundling campaign has started] is
  colonized by both pharaos and becomes the center of war affairs, while most
  of the rest of their empires is being lost. 0 is the start of the counting
  of years, as the war breaks out.

about 300
Myth: Phillistia thrown out of the Egyptian empire by the pharao.
Real Ra: Phillistia freedom war against the northern pharao.

Real Sjema: foundation of the Dwarven Liberation Movement (DLM).

Real Krynnspace: "War of the Lance".

Real space: "The Second Inhuman War".

Real Realmspace: the avatars come.
Real Nilespace: gradual recovery from the Middle Ages.
Real Sjema: start of the groundling campaign.

891 (now)
Real Ra: spelljammers (e.g., tinker gnomes) start reaching Ra again.

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