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From:     VDONGEN@??????.??????????.nl
Date:     Thu, 22 Dec 1994 10:34:45 +0100 (MET)
Subject:  Re: Nilespace pre-history
History of Nilespace: myths and reality

by Hans van Dongen and Erik Timmers

If you want to know the history of > -1,765 (not included in this mailing),
let me know. That recent history centers on planet Ra.

Merry Xmas under the stars...

Prehistorical myth: the gods are the first pharao's of Egyptia
Reality of Nilespace:
-100,000 the Real Ancestors, the first race supposed to travel in space, must
	 have lived at about this era
-60,000 height of the Reigar culture
-21,000 height of the realm of the Juna (the trisymmetrical race)
-20,563 the first proof of detection of the Spelljammer
-9,000 the Juna disappear from space
-3,600 height of the Chitin Empire, the realm of the Syllix
-3,100 the Screaming Migration, start of the realm of the thri-kreen
-2,900 humans start spelljamming

< -2,000 (hardly any written history available)
Myth: human pharao's succeed the godly ones. The gods have no direct presence
      in Nilespace anymore.
Real Nilespace: an Egyptian dynasty develops in one half of the jammable
      area of the crystal sphere (the Nile), which lies in an envelope of
      Desert Sargasso. The inhabitable part consists of a lot of planets;
      on the other half of the area the Nubian culture exists.
Real Ra: on the planet Ra, completely wrapped in Desert Sargasso so
      unreachable from the rest of the crystal sphere, uncivilized groups of
      humanoids exist: dwarves, centaurs, desert elfs, sphinx, werecats.

> -2,000
Myth 1: successive dynasties until -1,700; height of Egyptian culture.
Myth 2: the new pharao's of Ra have rewritten history to make their
	administration somewhat more legal. They partially failed, causing
	three separate mythological histories to exist about this period.
	These are Myth 1, the Northern Myth, and the Southern Myth.
Myth 3: the colonists come in ships to the (known parts of) Ra.
Real space: height of Illithid influence, beginning of the Illithid-Beholder
Real Nilespace: a method of reaching Ra is discovered. Within 250 years large
	parts of the planet are colonized.
Real Ra:
-2,009 first settlements in upper northern part (mainly from planet Memphis).
-1,998 first settlements in lower northern part (mainly from planet Thebe).
> -1,980 Arabian culture settles among the already existing colonies, mostly
	in the eastern deserts (this is new in the crystal sphere).
-1,967 Nubian settlement in southern part.
-1,960 spelljamming dwarves bring civilization to the dwarves on Ra.
-1,954 a group of Aten followers (a forbidden deity) escapes and hides in the
	wilderness of Ra.

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