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From:     Skreyn@???.com
Date:     Fri, 16 Dec 1994 03:58:57 -0500
Subject:  Re: Help on fly spell.
GregS wrote:
> To quote: 'The speed and movement of the object depends on its means of
> propulsion'...'.  So I don't think a flying animated object is
> unreasonable unless it unbalances the game.

     Well, it's just my opinion (I see your point, though - after all the
spell allows you to fly w/o having wings, so why can't objects?).

> I saw the start of a movie once where the girl
> returns to Oz and animates the Gump.

     "Return to Oz" was what it was called, I think.

> a woman with a hundred heads and she put a
> different one on when she felt like it

     Yep, she was in the books, but I can't remember her name.

> these dudes with long arms and
> legs with wheels on the end that
> burned around at high speed.

     Ah, the Wheelers, also from the books.  Likewise the Deadly Desert,
which caused anything that touched it to turn to sand....

> Concordance of Arcane Space, chapter 3, Nonmagical Engines, P.39 -
> Lorebook of the Void, chapter 2, Flitter, Depowered Versions, P.16 -
> "...(helm) replaced with simpler, more conventional engines.  The common
> elven engines used for these craft have a movement on the tactical map of
> 2 spaces per round."

     Well, since you so nicely quoted it, I don't need to look it up.  :)
Maybe the flitter with the elven conventional engine only has an SR of 1 for
travelling speed, but has an SR of 2 for tactical speed?

>Hopefully I'll be making a submission to the Netbook soon that'll blow
>that rule out of the water, we're talking perhaps 100s of thousands of

     This ought to be interesting ... looking forward to seeing it.

> >Anyway, perhaps this extra speed is due to the Flitter's existance
> >as a magical plant, and the plant provides some of the power?
> Is the plant magical?  If so what happens if you dispel it?  Does it die?
> That's a real can of worms you've opened up there.

     Er, I think the plant's magical.  It's some sort of tree from the SJ MC
#2.  The seeds can even be used to spelljamm (personal-only, even makes air
and edible sap thingies).  I'd rule that these powers are innate and not
affected by Dispel Magic, just as a dragon's breath is not (IMO).

> PS.  Who are the "BareNaked Ladies"?

     They're a great Canadian band, now becoming popular in the U.S.  My
girlfriend's sister from Oregon introduced their music to her, who
introduced their music to me.  I like 'em a lot, as you can tell if you've
seen my last three .sigs....  :)

     - Sean
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a.k.a. Veggie Boy    |   "We drink and I bandage your wrists."
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skreyn@???.com       |   - BareNaked Ladies

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