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From:     - GregS <Greg_private@orville.oeb>
Date:     Thu, 15 Dec 1994 10:41:24 EST
Subject:  Re: Help on fly spell.
>From: Skreyn@???.com
>>Area of Effect: Creature touched.  Does this mean there is no
>>size limit; flying elephants, whales, dinosaurs, etc. tarrasque
>>heaven forbid.
>>No mention of the weight that can be carried by the flying
>Well, it says there's no size limit, but by comparing it to other
>3rd level spells, I'd say it couldn't lift a creature that was
>larger/more massive than four or five man-sized creatures (this is
>about how much the other 3rd level spells can effect).  So you

How lazy I am, should of done a comparison myself.  Yes, this seems very
reasonable to me, thanks.

>>Could an animated object fly?
>I would say no, because it's not a "creature".  A weird thing I
>would allow is if the object depicts a flying creature, or has wings,
>I'd let it fly (but would base the maneuverability off of the object's
>form, rather than that of the fly spell).  So a gargoyle statue (if it
>fell within the weight limit) or a carving of a bird or even a jacket
>would be able to fly.

To quote: 'The speed and movement of the object depends on its means of
propulsion'...'.  So I don't think a flying animated object is
unreasonable unless it unbalances the game.

>Why would I make such a ruling?  Because I always liked the Gump from
>the Oz books - the Gump was a creature assembled by some of the

I saw the start of a movie once where the girl (I can't remember her
name) returns to Oz and animates the Gump.  I also can't remember the
movie's name but what I saw was really good, there was this face that
traveled across rocks, a woman with a hundred heads and she put a
different one on when she felt like it and these dudes with long arms and
legs with wheels on the end that burned around at high speed.  If I see
it on video I'll get it and watch the whole thing.

>>The Spelljammer rules mention that Elven Flitters with
>>'conventional' helms have a SR of 2 (which contradicts an earlier
>>rule which says that a conventional helm can only have a SR of 1
>Well, I'd come up with an explanation, but I don't know exactly
>where the references you are referring to are, dammit!

Concordance of Arcane Space, chapter 3, Nonmagical Engines, P.39 -
"All nonmagical engines share one common feature - they are slow compared
to helms.  Their movement is never more then 17 mph and their SR is 1."

Hopefully I'll be making a submission to the Netbook soon that'll blow
that rule out of the water, we're talking perhaps 100s of thousands of

Lorebook of the Void, chapter 2, Flitter, Depowered Versions, P.16 -
"...(helm) replaced with simpler, more conventional engines.  The common
elven engines used for these craft have a movement on the tactical map of
2 spaces per round."

I guess you could say Nonmagical Engine <> Elven Conventional Engine.

>(sorry -
>I know you should never end a sentence with a preposition, and
>the way I just used are makes it sound like one, so I had to
>throw 'dammit' on the end).

Perhaps you could of used the Winston Churchill solution, to quote -
"The rule which forbids ending a sentence with a preposition is the kind
of nonsense up with which I will not put."

>Anyway, perhaps this extra speed is due to the Flitter's existance
>as a magical plant, and the plant provides some of the power?

Is the plant magical?  If so what happens if you dispel it?  Does it die?
That's a real can of worms you've opened up there.

>>this is fixed up by the rule that states that Elves can do anything
>>cause their wonderful
>(chuckle)  True.

Don't get me started on Elves.  The whole idea of them trouncing around
Wildspace like Star Trek's Federation seems like so much Neogi dropping
to me.  Their just too far removed from their groundling cousins their
almost another species.

>Sean K Reynolds      |   "We hug and we kiss, We sit and make lists
>a.k.a. Veggie Boy    |   "We drink and I bandage your wrists."
>skreyn@??????.com    |   'Everything Old Is New Again'
>skreyn@???.com       |   - BareNaked Ladies

 - GregS.

PS.  Who are the "BareNaked Ladies"?

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