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From:     RJPugh@???.com
Date:     Wed, 14 Dec 1994 17:00:48 -0500
Subject:  Re: Terraspace: Saturn (repost)
Hi folks.

Just so you know, I am entering the Terraspace material into my growing
"Skyships" database.  I plan to add Nilespace, Flarespace, and others as I
move along.  In time, I hope to have an XBase version of the Geonomecron (or
however that's spelled).  Below is a report from this database, for your
spelljamming enjoyment.

The enegmatic jewel of Terraspace...


Type:    Air
Size:    G
Shape:  Spherical (120536k)
Escape Time: 12  turns
Atmosphere:  Standard
Day:   .426 standard days
Year:  29.46 standard years
Orbital Radius:  9.53  AU
Population:   Various
Resources:  None
Government:  Local Governments only
Port: C


Saturn, sometimes called simply  "The Ringed Planet," is the second major air
world in the Terraspace system, and it is without a doubt the most beautiful
planet in the sphere.  The various cloud rings can take on numerous colors,
and the extensive ring system can be seen for millions of miles.  When a
traveler sees Saturn for the first time, they must save versus magic or be
awe-struck for 1d6 turns.

Saturn is very different from it's sister planet, Jupiter.  Saturn is a
surprisingly calm planet, with major air storms being very rare over most of
the planet.  The first "layer" of the planet, which is about 5000 kilometers
thick, is breathable, making Saturn a convenient air stop.  Very little is
known about the lower layers of the atmosphere, but there are theories that
the planet has a rocky core, which could be inhabitable.

Saturn has a strange effect on anyone traveling through it.  Travelers who
travel within the extent of the B-ring (about 235000 from the threashold of
the planet itself), will feel very relaxed, and the air will take on a
soothing effect.  This effect makes healing magic more potent (add 25% to all
beneficial effects), thoughts become clearer (10% bonus on saving throws
based on intellect or character [INT, WIS, CHA], 5% bonus on spell learning),
and diseases are halted (they are not cured, but they won't get worse).   No
one has an adequate explanation for this, but most sages believe that this is
related to "Saturn's Song."

The planet apparently "sings" a very low song that has a soothing effect on
all who visit it.  The song is too low for most races to hear, but they still
enjoy the effects.  The only race that has ever "heard" the song are certain
strains of dwarves, and they describe the song as sounding like a distant
choir of deep humanoid voices.  Some have suggested that Saturn is some kind
of liveworld, or that benavolent air creatures live in the upper atmosphere,
but no one knows for sure.

Considering the hostility between the peoples of several of the outer moons
of Saturn, some sages suggest that the immediate area around Saturn suffers
an inverse effect of the Song.  If this is the case, it only affects natives
of the Saturn system.  Overall, this "anti-song" theory has little support.

Occasionally, a rock from the ring system will fall into the planet's
atmosphere, where it gets caught by the winds.  It can take several centuries
before the rock falls into the thick, foggy cloud layer that starts at about
5000 kilometers in.  While it is in the upper layer, it can serve as a
temporary resident for creatures, an outpost for merchants, and even a
planetary port of call.  These small villages tend to be simple, being made
from small stone structures, but the people tend to be friendly and helpful.
 About 100 of these rocks are currently in the atmosphere, and most of them
are between three and five miles at their widest point.  Needless to say,
Saturn is a popular stop for travelers.

The rings and the moons that orbit within the rings are also popular stops.
 Several small communities exist in these areas, and most of them are
peaceful.  Almost any major race, and even several of the minor ones, have at
least a small outpost either in the atmosphere of Saturn itself, the rings,
or on one of the closer moons.  (These other moons will be dealt with

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