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From:     phillips michael s <msphil@?????.??.edu>
Date:     Tue, 13 Dec 1994 15:56:31 -0500 (EST)
Subject:  Re: (Forwarded) TV SERIES NEWS (fwd)
Well, there might be some TSR support for Spelljammer in the pipe
anyways..... it's interesting enough that the TV series is being based on

Can't be any cornier than any other space show ;-)

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Date:         Tue, 13 Dec 1994 10:10:22 -0600
Reply-To: Rob Repp <mobius@???????.???.com>
Subject:      TV SERIES NEWS
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=46OR RELEASE DECEMBER 14TH                                       CONTACT:
DECEMBER 13, 1994
PHONE: (414) 248-3625

MCA/Universal, TSR and Ground Zero Unveil Wildspace=81 TV Show
and Theme Park Event

LAKE GENEVA, WI -- MCA/Universal, TSR, Inc. and Ground Zero entered a major
multimedia agreement to produce the Wildspace=81 live-action TV program and
interactive theme park event. A revolutionary mixed-media series, Wildspace
is the first of several large scale projects MCA/Universal and TSR plan to
undertake. The Wildspace show and event are based on one of TSR's popular
fantasy worlds, and will involve extensive computer animation with a live
cast. TSR is best known for its fantasy books and games, including the
Dungeons & Dragons=AE game. Twenty-two one-hour episodes of the show are in
development for prime time network television.
        The MCA/Universal/TSR/Ground Zero agreement is the first of several
multimedia licensing announcements for the property, says TSR's President,
Lorraine Williams. She added an electronic game licensing agreement will be
made shortly, and the TV show and theme park event are slated to debut with
a line of Wildspace toys and games.
        Jeff Segal, President of MCA/Universal Family Entertainment and
Universal Cartoon Studios, explains, "Everyone at MCA/Universal Family
Entertainment believes that Wildspace has the kind of breakout, hit
potential, that will have value for all MCA divisions, including our theme
parks, home entertainment, merchandising, etc., and will be a fitting
launch to a vigorous long-term relationship between ourselves and TSR." The
companies will be making major project announcements at the upcoming CES
show in Las Vegas and Toy Fair in New York.
        Describing the project, Williams says, "In the Wildspace world,
brave medieval warriors are catapulted into outerspace on sailing ships to
battle evil creatures, space pirates, and nearly invincible fire-breathing
dragons. Dungeons & Dragons game fans will love the heroes and monsters."
        Flint Dille, President of Ground Zero Productions and Wildspace
author, describes the filming technique as something you've never seen
before! He says, "Wildspace will look like a live comic book -- combining
live action, animation, and computer generated images in a way never done
before. We call the production process hyperReality=81."
        TSR adds that with more than 6 million Dungeons & Dragons game fans
in the United States, the company will deliver a guaranteed audience for
the show, events, and products. The company's last network program was the
Saturday morning Dungeons & Dragons animated series in 1983 -- and they
still receive calls for copies of the series.


Copyright 1994 TSR, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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