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From:     Robert_Myers@???.??.?????.edu
Date:     Mon, 12 Dec 1994 00:27:22 -0500
Subject:  Re: Systems
Hi, this is my first posting to this list, I hope I do it right.

I've whipped up a spreadsheet in ClarisWorks that randomly creates a solar
system. The system is based on that in the first SJ boxed set, but I've
added my own twists;

Planetary types are more complex -- I happen to like the "Manual of the
Planes" book very much (also considering I got it used for $5) so I used
the elemental, quasi-elemental, para-elemental and energy "materials" from
that system for planetary type. Each planet is a combination of three
elements or element combinations; a core, and two surface types. In this
system, Earth would be earth, water, and ice; Jupiter would be air,
lightning, and maybe steam; the moon, dust, ash, and vacuum.

Primary types are also more varied -- Continuing from the above, a sun can
be more than just fire, and frequently is. Going through the planar
materials from MotP, I figured our sun would be a _radiance_ body, a
combination of fire and positive energy. In my interpretation, this is why
it is destructive to undead, it overloads them. In this system, most suns
are in some way radiant; radiance of course, fire, magma, lightning. I
think the idea of an electrical sun is pretty darn cool!

The spreadsheet also randomly rolls for the planets positions on the
display, and the length of their days, as well as size, type, and goodies.

If anyone is interested, I can attach it to an e-mail message as either a
ClarisWorks, or Excel spreadsheet. I'm supposed to be getting more
translaters, but haven't gotten 'round to it yet.

Thanks, and take care.

P.S. If my sig is too long, let me know, I just made it up and I kinda like
it, but it might be a bit too much. Thanks.


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