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Month Index: December, 1994

From:     RJPugh@???.com
Date:     Thu, 8 Dec 1994 17:17:29 -0500
Subject:  Re: Rating space ports
Hi folks.  This is sort of a space filler.

As you may recall, I'm working on a Skyships database.  One of the features I
have are a list of space ports for space mariners.  Each port is given a
grade, depending on what the port has to offer.  Note that this is a GM tool,
and not a reflection of how the "Michelan Guide for the Spheres" might rate a
port.  While a system of rating ports was what I started out with, I ended up
with a code for rating a planet, in terms of how it can service spelljammers.

For those who are interested, below is the system I'm using.  Use and abuse
as you see fit.


Spelljamming ports:

* : Not applicable.  The planet is a void world, or has a toxic atmosphere.
 No ports are available.

Grade E: Abysmal.  There is little or nothing available for the crew (food,
lodging, personal equipment), and absolutely nothing in the way of
spelljamming services such as ship repair.  An unexplored world would fall
into this category.

Grade D: While simple services for the crew are available (food, basic
lodging), services for the spelljammer are very slim and far from
satisfactory.  Any repairs to a ship will be of poor quality, usually because
the materials available are inferior to those from which the ship is
constructed.  Normal supplies such as rope, canvas, and provisions can be
obtained with a little persistance.  Backwater worlds with a low populations
fall into this category.

Grade C: Most regular services are available, but the selection of
spelljamming services is chancy.  Regular services such as ship repair will
be available, as long as the ship isn't made from an exotic material such as
mitheral.  The purchase of helms and other spelljamming equipment can be
done, but special arrangements are usually needed, and waiting periods are
common.  Most fantasy worlds with little or no spelljamming activity
generally fall into this category.  Krynn (with the local exception of
Palanthus) is an example.

Grade B: Most services and facilities are available, catering to most crew
needs, and for the repair and maintenance of a spelljamming ship.  Also, such
ports are likely to have an Arcane (or a representative) available to provide
major spelljamming goods, such as helms.  If an Arcane isn't available, there
is probably a Dowhor around to provide the same service (though the Dowhor
goods tend to be used and/or stolen).  Worlds that have steady spelljamming tr
afic will have at least one port of this level.  Waterdeep on Toril is a good

Grade A: Fully equipped, with most (if not all) possible spelljamming
services available.  Such a port will certainly have Arcane and/or Dowhor
available to sell major spelljamming materials such as helms, planetary
locators, and so forth.  Ports that make their livelhood from spelljamming
fall into this category.  The Rock of Bral is a good example.  Ironport in
the Astromundi Cluster is another.

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Month Index: December, 1994

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