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From:     VDONGEN@??????.??????????.nl
Date:     Tue, 06 Dec 1994 10:09:29 +0100 (MET)
Subject:  Re: Nilespace planets
Here are the translations from dutch to english of the planets and planetoids
that move around in Nilespace. Credits go to Erik Timmers, Rob Goedemans, and
Hans van Dongen (me). This list should be added to the earlier postings about
Nilespace. As you will see, there is still a lot of work to do (and you're all
invited to contribute...). Greetings from space, Hans

ABEDJOE (B,round,E)
Temples: Osiris (one of the most important, attracts a lot of pelgrims),
	 Ptah, Ra-Harachti, Amon-Ra, Isis, Horus, Neferter, Ptah-Sokar
Population: humans 60%, halflings 10%, orcs 10%, dwarves 10%, mazzik 10%
Notes: mainly desert

ACHMIN (B,round,E)
Temples: Min

AKORIS (A,round,E)
Activities: agriculture, industry
Population: humans 50%, halflings 25%, dwarves 15%, orcs 10%

AMARNA (B,round,E)
Population: completely left except for some undead; population forbidden by
	    the pharao
Notes: city of ruins, used to be the capital of Egyptia at the time of the
       Aton religion

Temples: "Temple to the deities of Chmoen and Heliopolis"

ASWAN (A,irregular,E)
Activities: mining
Temples: Chnoem, Satis, Anoekis
Population: humans 25%, halflings 25%, dwarves 25%, orcs 20%
Notes: twin planetoid with Elefantine in the middle of the Nile; capital of
       the first Nome

BA'H (Hermoplois Parva) (A,irregular,E)
Temples: Thot

Notes: 90% desert

BENI HASAN (B,round,E)
Activities: hunting, fishing
Population: orcs 95%
Notes: has satellite Speos Artemidos

Temples: Bast (center of his worship)
Population: sphinx 10%, werecats 10%

BOETO (A,round,E)
Temples: Wadjit

CHEM (A,round,E)
Activities: agriculture
Temples: Chenti-Irti (synonym of Horus, also called Chenti-Chem)

CHENOE (A,irregular,E)
Activities: quarry
Temples: Sobek (rock-temple)
Population: dwarves 80%

CHMOEN (Hermopolis) (C,round,E)
Activities: important area of agriculture, trade (export agricultural
	    products), science
Temples: Thot (center of his worship)
Population: humans 50%, halflings 50%

DE FAJOEM (D,round,W)
Activities: fishing, agriculture
Temples: Sobek (at Dimai, Arsinoe, Tebtoemis), Renenoetet (at Narmouthis),
	 Petesoeches (at Karanis), Pnepheros (at Karanis, Theadelphia)
Population: mostly humans
Notes: large water world with several islands

DEIR EL BERSJA (A,irregular,E)
Activities: limestone quarry
Population: dwarves 70%

DEIR EL GABRAWI (A,irregular,E)
Population: halflings, dwarves

DISJASJA (B,round,E)

DJA-NET (Tanis) (A,round,E)
Temples: Amon, Horus, Maat

DJEDET (A,irregular,E)
Temples: Mendes, the ram
Population: mostly dwarves
Notes: twin planetoid with Perbanabdjet

Activities: agriculture
Temples: Hathor
Population: halflings

EDFOE (B,round,E)
Activities: agriculture, industry
Temples: Horus

EL CHATANA (A,irregular,E)
Activities: glaze tiles
Temples: Seth
Notes: twin planetoid with Kantir; mainly desert

EL LAHOEN (B,irregular,E)
Temples: Kanoegoer (these temples are by far the best place on the planet to
	 park your ship, buy CLW scrolls, sell superfluous treasure, find the
	 nearest healer, and to drink away your fear at the last night before
	 an adventure; everything that has to be imported (food, weapons,
	 equipment) costs twice normal, though)
Population: except for the (non-humanoid) monsters, the priests of Kanoegoer
	    are the only ones to inhabit the planet, for the reason of
	    offering a safe place to adventurers
Notes: planet full of ruins, monsters, dungeons, and maybe tressures; has been
       an important planet for a long time, but for reasons unknown was left
       centuries ago; well-known for its decayed pyramides, its jewelry,
       scrolls, and adventurers

EL SJEIK SAID (A,irregular,E)
Notes: has no water; rock-graves

Activities: trade, garrison place
Temples: Chnoem, Satis, Anoekis
Population: humans 25%, halflings 25%, dwarves 25%, orcs 20%
Notes: twin planetoid with Aswan in the middle of the Nile, capital of the
       first Nome

ESNA (B,round,E)
Activities: agriculture, trade, fishing
Temples: Chnoem, Neith, Heka, Sobek
Population: humans 85%, high elves 10%, halflings 5%
Notes: half the planet is below water: many swamps, many lakes; a striking
       amount of wizards can be found here; it is one of the few places in
       Nilespace where (small groups of) high elves can be found

GEBTOE (B,irregular,E)
Activities: mining, trade (starting place caravan routes), mining expeditions
	    to the east
Temples: Geb, Isis, Min, Osiris, Kanoegoer (religious center of the region)

HEBENOE (B,round,E)
Activities: agriculture, industry, trade
Notes: known for its step-pyramides

HEFAT (A,irregular,E)
Activities: history
Temples: Thot (abbey with important historical library)
Population: Thot-monks 100%
Notes: most desert, water has to be important

Temples: Harsaphes

HERWER (B,round,E)
Activities: agriculture

HIW (A,round,E)
Activities: agriculture
Temples: Bat (assimilated with Hathor)
Population: halflings 60%, humans 20%, orcs 20%
Notes: country-seat of the pharao

HOET-HERI-IB (A,round,W)
Activities: fishing
Temples: Chentechtai
Population: sea halflings

HOET-REPIT (B,round,A with E pockets)
Temples: Triphis (Repit)

IMET (a,round,E)
Temples: Wadjit

IMOE (A,round,E)
Activities: agriculture, war
Temples: Sechmet-Hathor
Population: orcs 65%
Notes: many hirelings and heroes are from this place

IOENET (Tantere) (A,round,E)
Temples: Hathor (large temple), Isis (temple of her birth), Horus, Ihy
Population: mostly humans
Notes: used to be important; many old buildings, many graves

IOENI (B,round,E)
Activities: agriculture, industry, trade, garrison
Temples: Montoe (burial place Montoe bulls)
Population: orcs 50%

ITJAWI (B,round,E)
Temples: Imhoteb
Population: halflings 30%, humans 20%, dwarves 20%, orcs 30%
Notes: capital of 12th dynasty, decaying ever since

KANTIR (A,irregular,E)
Activities: glaze tiles
Temples: Seth
Notes: twin planetoid with El Chatana, mainly desert

KIS (A,round,E)
Activities: trade, industry, arts
Temples: Kanagoer, Ptah
Population: humans, dwarves, halflings, orcs
Notes: important center of theater, literature, music, and "plastic" arts

KOES (A,irregular,E)
Activities: current starting place caravan routes
Temples: Haroeris, Heket
Population: traders of all kind
Notes: economically in decay, Gebtoe is taking its place

Temples: Kanoegoer
Notes: half desert

KOM OMBO (B,round,E)
Activities: agriculture
Temples: Sobek, Hathor, Chons, Horus

Temples: Mihos
Population: humans (and sphinx)
Notes: wet planetoid, people live on some kind of mounds

MADOE (B,round,E)
Activities: agriculture
Temples: Montoe, Rattawi, Harpocrates
Population: mostly halflings

MEIDOEM (A,round,E)
Notes: well-known by its old pyramides

MEMPHIS (C,round,E)
Activities: trade, industry, religion
Temples: Ptah (largest temple complex of several crystal spheres); all
	 Egyptian deities (even Seth) have a temple or chapel here, also some
	 non-Egyptian gods; in Heliopolis we find Ra, Ra-Atoem, Ra-Harachti,
	 Hathor, Ioesas, Mnevisstier
Population: humans 40%, halflings 10%, dwarves 10%, orcs 20%, high elves 5%,
	    tinker gnomes 5% (plus 10% of almost everything the multiverse has
	    to offer)
Notes: Memphis-city - largest city, residence pharao, administrative capital
       Sakhara - necropolis of Memphis
       Gizeh - pyramid complex
       Aboesir - important Ra-temple
       Heliopolis (Ioenoe) - religious center (sepecially Ra)

Activities: trade (the only place there non-Egyptians are allowed to trade
	    (Arcane too); slave-trade is officially forbidden but hard to
Temples: Thot, Amon, non-Egyptian gods
Population: all that trade: neogi, mind flayers, goblinoids and even
	    beholders are granted asylum here as long as they behave
Notes: this place is under control of the pharao, not the Elven Imperial
       Fleet; only an individual who misbehaves is thrown out; drow are thrown
       out immediately, however

NAY-TA-HOET (A,round,E)
Temples: Anhur
Notes: fortifications

NECHEB (A,round,E)
Activities: agriculture, industry
Temples: Nechbet (vulture goddess), Ra-Harachte
Population: humans 60%, halflings 15%, dwarves 15%, orcs 5%

NECHEN (Hieraconpolis) (A,round,E)
Temples: Horus, Necheniet (Nechen)
Notes: twin planet with Necheb, red ground, many ruins from older periods,
       many graves

NOEBT (Ombos) (A,irregular,E 2x)
Population: gold diggers and adventurers
Notes: ruin city, used to be starting place caravans to the east, where gold
       is dug; used to be center of Seth worshipping

PER ATOEM (B,round,E)
Activities: trade
Temples: Atoem
Population: dwarves 50%

PER MEDJET (B,round,W)
Activities: fishing
Temples: Thot, Mormyrus-Vis
Population: humans 80%, lizard men 15%

Temples: Mendes, the ram
Population: mostly dwarves
Notes: twin planetoid with Djebet

PHILAE (A,round,E)
Activities: pilgrimage place
Temples: Isis (important), Arensnoefis, Mandoelis (Nubian), Imhotep, Hathor
Population: humans 80%
Notes: Osiris grave

RAKOTE (Alexandria free state) (B,round,E)
Activities: trade (with Naucratis), industry, hirelings, ship building
	    (important center)
Temples: Isis, Ptah, Serapis, Kanoegoer, non-Egyptian deities
Population: originally Egyptian with a lot of import from the rest of the
	    multiverse (especially arabic (Al-Qadim))
Notes: doesn't belong to the Egyptian part of the crystal sphere (Egyptia) but
       is officially independant (and neutral); agricultural products must be
       imported from Egyptia so largely dependant of Egyptia anyhow (king
       Alexander IV cannot afford to offend Egyptia)

Activities: trade, agriculture, magic
Temples: Isis (important temple)
Population: humans 70%, mazzik 15%, high elves 15%

SOPD (A,round,E)

Temples: Pachet
Notes: satellite of Beni Hasan

Activities: agriculture
Population: orcs 90%

TARRANA (A,round,E)
Activities: agriculture, trade
Temples: Renenoethis
Population: mostly halflings

TEOEDJOI (B,round,E)

THEBE (C,round,E)
Activities: agriculture, fishing, administration, military, religion,
	    burials, grave art (in Deir El Medina)
Temples: each deity has a temple or chapel somewhere here, but most impirtant
	 at Luxor: Amon(-Ra) (large temple), Min, Hathor, Serapis
	 at Karnak: Amon, Montoe, Chons, Moet, Ptah, Osiris, Heka Opet
		    (hippopotamus goddess), Maat, Sechmet, Aton (temple
	 at the west-bank: Amon, Re-Harachti, Thot, Isis, many temples for the
	 at Deir El Medina: Hathor
	 at Djamet: Amon
Population: all, but mostly humans
Notes: former seat of the state's administration, and still influential,
       especially concerning religion; most pharao's are buried in the valley
       of the kings

Temples: Anhur, Sju
Population: orcs 50%

TJEBOE (A,irregular,E)
Activities: grave building
Population: dwarves 50%, humans 40%

TOD (A,round,E)
Activities: agriculture
Temples: Montoe

Notes: desert planetoid

ZAU (Sais) (A,round,E)
Temples: Neith
Notes: capital at the time of the resistance against the Nubian domination

ZAWTI (B,round,E)
Activities: agriculture, garrison, trade

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