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From:     RJPugh@???.com
Date:     Mon, 5 Dec 1994 16:21:33 -0500
Subject:  Re: Druids
Hi gang.

Below is some material put together from the Planescape listserv, describing
some new druid branches and kits.  While in their current form they may not
be applicable to most Spelljammer campaigns, but with a little tweeking they

Also, these kits may give rise to some uniquely "space druids," like
Wildspace Druids, star druids, and so on.

So, after reading through this, start tweeking.

The Bard of Wildspace
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 11:53:58 -0500 (EST)
From: The Druid <goehrigd@????.????????.edu>

I have a couple new druid branches and a new kit
does anyone want to see them

they are:      Branches: Outer Planar Druids (protectors of space time)
			 City Druids	     (protectors of the city life)

		Kit:	 The Rat Shaman	     (a variant of the Totem
					     druid kit..based on the
					     FASA SRII archetype)

There are also three new spells:
Ratball  (puffball variant)
Magic Rat (magic stone variant)
and my favorite
Flaming Rat on a Stick (flame blade variant)

The Outer Planar Druid Branch

Due to the nature of the outer planes the standard druid is out of
place..Where as the standard druid is a protector of the environment
the outer planes shift on a regular basis in their nature..This
is because the geography of the planes is shaped on beliefs..
The outer planes are also alignment specific so the standard druid
can not exist in all places..The druidic circles have solved this
problem by branching off in a new way..The protect beliefs..

The outer planar druis are esoteric defenders of thought/space/time.
They renounce their ties to nature and animal and embrace the nature
of the planes, The Savage Garden, where time and space are controled
by belief...

Minimum Ability Scores:
Wisdom 12   (all druids must be wise)
Charisma 15 (all outer planar druids must be able to lead)
Intelligence 13	(all outer planar druids must be able to
		grasp the esoteric concepts of Space/Time/Thought)

Races:  Human

Armor and Weapons:	Leather only
			club, sickle, scythe, staff, dagger, knife
			sling, scimitar, spear (short and long)

Weapon Proficiencies:	Recomended: scythe (Father Time Image)
				    dagger (concealable)

Non Weapon Prof:	Required:   Planar Geography
			Recomended: Healing, Spellcraft, Read/Write

Spheres of Influence:	All, Astral, Divination, Healing*, Summoning
			Numbers, Thought, Time, Traveler

Granted Powers:

1st Level- Identify any faction with perfect accuracy

3rd Level- Know Alignment 3x/day

3rd Level- Open portals with out the key at will

7th Level- Plane Shift 3x/day as spell

Special Limitations:

Outer Planar druids gain the enmity of all ambitious
planar denizens since they attempt to stop the conversion
of people to new beliefs..(Think angry Devas and Tanari...)

Holy Symbol:

A piece of cold iron shaped in a mobius stip configuration


An extradimentinal pocket bound to a specific place in the Outlands

*note TOM [ Tome of Magic ] is neede to play this class*


The City Druid Branch

Not all druids live in the wilderness...Not all animals live in the wild..
City druids are the care takers of the animal life that lives in close
proximity to man (and demi-man)...City druids tend to be totemic in
nature and devote their lives to the style of a certain species...
Rats, cats, dogs, sparrows, and inscets are the main totems of
city druids...Other druids protect certain places such as a strech
of sewers or a dark alley..City druids are the druids of the harshest
jungle of them all, the city...

Minimum Ability Scores:
Wisdom 12
Charisma 15

Races: Human, Half-Elf, (halfling, and tiefling optional)

Armor and Weapons:		Leather
				dagger, dart, scimitar, sling, club, knife

Weapon Proficiencies:	Recommended: dagger, dart

Non-Weapon Prof:	Recommended: healing, herbalism, local history,
					read/write, survival (city)

Spheres of Influence:	All, Animal, Plant, Divination*,Healing,
			(planar Astral----non-planar Elemental*)

Granted Powers:

1st Level	Save +2 vs disease

3rd Level	Learns to speak with city animals

3rd Level	Identify city animals and lairs

5th Level	Pass through city / crowd with out trace

7th Level 	Shapechange into city animals 3x/day

Holy Symbol:

A minted coin from the druid's home city


A sewer tunnel, alleyway, or an abandoned building or park

Suggested Kits:

Totemic Druid
Hive Master
Lost Druid
Savage (like in neo-punk savage)

City Druid Kit: 		Rat Shaman

The rat shaman is the embodyment of the rat...He is cunning wary and
resourceful...He is most of all a survivor...Feral in nature the rat
shaman looks after his own interests more than a normal druid would.
Also due to the rapid population growth the druid maintains the
viability of the rat society by weeding out the weak and using them
as spell components...

Weapons: Recommended- dagger
Non Weapon: none

Equiptment:  the rat shaman need not spend all of his money but can only
		carry 1 gp on him unless he plans on spending it
		in the very near future..Otherwise it is packed away.

Special Benefits:

1st Level- The rat Shaman gains the Thieve's ability to backstab

1st Level- The rat shaman gets an additional number of shapechanges
		each day equal to his level/3+1..may only change into
		rat form..This is in addition to the normal shape change
		no hit points are healed upon returning to human form.

1st Level- The rat shaman gains a +4 bonus to all rat based proficiency

Special Hinderances:

All spells cast by the rat shaman must have a rat as a material comonent
of the spell...(+1 to casting time)...Heal for example would require
the druid to spill rat blood on the wound (no chance of desease)

The rat Shaman has an effective charisma of (normal -10) when dealing
with "civilized people"...but gains a +2 reaction to humanoids

The Rat Shaman starts off with one fewer non-weapon proficiency slot
due to the amount of time spent in animal form..

Holy Symbol:

A rat skull on a stick..

New Rat Spells:

Level 1:


Sphere: Animal
Range: touch
Components: V,S,M
Duration: 2rnds/level
Casting Time: 5
Area of Effect: one rat
Save: Special

The caster of this spell is able to touch one rat and turn it
into a weapon.. The rat may be thrown or dropped (thrown max 30yrds)
rolling a Strength of Dexterity check to see if it his the target..
All within a 10' radius of the blast site are covered in rat guts
and blood and must save vs. Spells or be afflicted by nausea and
suffer a -4 to hit for 1d3+1 rounds...

Materials: holy symbol and 1 rat and dried rat dung

Magic Rat

Sphere: Animal
Range: 0
Components: V,S,M
Duration: Special
Casting Time: 5
Area of Effect: 3 blind mice
Save: none

The caster of this spell may enchant 3 normal rats...The caster
may throw the rats for 1d4 points of damage each (2d4 against
undead)..The rats function as +1 missiles for hitting magical creatures
The enchantment reamins in affect until the caster throws the rats
or 1/2 hour which ever comes first...

Material: holy symbol and 3 rats

Level 2

Flaming Rat on A Stick

Sphere: Animal
Range: 0
Components: V,S,M
Duration: 4 rounds + 1 / 2 levels
Casting Time: 5
Area of Effect: 1 magic rat
Save: none

With this spell the caster turns a live rat tied to a stick into
a weapon of mass destruction..The rat can be swung like a scimitar
doing 1d4+4 points of damage (+2 against undead and fire vulnearable/
-2 against fire resistant, none Against fire denizens)

Materials: 1 rat, one stick, and 1 holy symbol

In conclusion I'm working on a few more druids for the planes..
There are two more ideas that are in the works

1.) The Outer Circle -the circle for the outer planar druids

2.) Outer Planar Orchestra -a Harper like organization in the planes

There are going to be a couple new druid kits like:

	City druid:
		-cat shaman
		-dog shaman

	OP Druid
		-Wanderer (modified version of the prime version
			   which won't work due to certain changes
			   in the nature of the druids)

There will even be more spells (like catskin and howl)

|                                                              ||     |
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