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From:     BriBri Superuser <jpembert@??????.??.???.??.cr>
Date:     Sun, 4 Dec 1994 08:33:23 -0600 (CST)
Subject:  Re: Life
} Hey Jeremy, instead of just asking for stuff, offer some yourself!  The social
} contract among contributers to lists is that they get material in exchange
} for their creativity.

 I will, but I'm short of time this week, I'll be switching university,
career, and have a adnd session of 3 full days at the beach on the weekend
so I have to get some planning done...

} I'm sorry if you don't find my posts on magical technology, or the benefits
} to a groundling nation of access to spelljammers, or the complications
} involved in starting spelljammer based trade.

 Find them?  Well I've seen them, in fact I think I have read every one of
them, I must admit some were absolutely incredible, they are saved on my
disk and I'll be talking to Sean about including some/all of it... Right

} It can only be cultivated
} by dragging huge quantities of fertilizer up thousand foot cliffs, and then
} casting Plant Growth.

 So I take it then, that this tree is 100% a creation of magic and/or
alchemy and not natural processes, or could nature make one live?  Or that
part where you said it would be all twisted and all, would that be the
natural state of the tree as conceived by nature?

} If you could actually
} get enough storm wood to make a spelljammer ship out of, it could almost
} fly without a helm.

 Sounds interesting, I guess thats a metaphore and what you mean is that MC
and Sr and stuff would be very enhanced, now just curiosity, have you
designed a ship made out of storm wood?  If you haven't I think I'll work on
that after the weekend...

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