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From:     Michael Sandy <mehawk@?????.?????.com>
Date:     Sun, 4 Dec 94 02:44 PST
Subject:  Re: Life
Hey Jeremy, instead of just asking for stuff, offer some yourself!  The social
contract among contributers to lists is that they get material in exchange
for their creativity.

I'm sorry if you don't find my posts on magical technology, or the benefits
to a groundling nation of access to spelljammers, or the complications
involved in starting spelljammer based trade.

Here are a few things to contribute:

Storm Wood.  Storm wood is a tree that can only grow on exposed mountain
ridges.  It survives by using an innate wind control ability that is prized
in any wood product even vaguely related to flight.  It can only be cultivated
by dragging huge quantities of fertilizer up thousand foot cliffs, and then
casting Plant Growth.  Otherwise, the wood is hopelessly warped and useless.
A storm wood arrow, even without an enchantment, carries 25% to 50% farther
than normal arrows.  Unfortunately, it costs about 10 gp for enough an
arrow shaft.

Storm wood reacts beneficially to any flight related spell cast upon it.
Such spells affect ten times the mass of storm wood than the spell description,
with increased duration as well?.  This includes spells like Feather Fall,
Unseen Servat, Levitate, Flight, Gust of Wind etc...   If you could actually
get enough storm wood to make a spelljammer ship out of, it could almost
fly without a helm.

The Aurora.  Why is it that we always see new humanoid races raiding into
civilized territories and rarely the civilized nations attacking the
humanoids.   In the world I GM it is because the lands under the Aurora
magicly mutate those who live there.  No civilized nation is willing to
invade and station troops there who will inevitably mutate, and whose
children will be born deformed most of the time.  Many outlaws flee to
the dubious sanctuary of the Aurora lands, continually producing new
mutants.  Sometimes they raid for slaves to build up their numbers, as
often the mutations are fatal.

Michael Sandy

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