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From:     RJPugh@???.com
Date:     Tue, 29 Nov 1994 20:47:37 -0500
Subject:  Re: trills
Hi gang.

In regards to the comments on the trill stuff, read on:  (I'll put these
changes into the "master" essay later.)

>So does this mean that they can live separately without any
>problem but after they first meet it becomes like a drug... addictive?

Sort of.  A symbiont can live without a host, so long as it's within one of
the silt pools on the Trill homeworld.  A symbiont that has had a host,
however, tends to pine for a new host ever after.  So yes, it can survive,
but it will be miserable.

A host, however, can not survive without the symbiont for more than about
twelve hours.  If for some reason the symbiont is removed from the host, the
host will die if the symbiont isn't returned to the host.

>[Trill stats changing with time.]

Instead of giving a Trill PC the possibility of a *21* wisdom at the start,
what if we keep the minimum at 7, and then raise wisdom and intelligence
according to the age of the symbiont.

To keep things simple, lets assume that the symbiont has lived in each host
for 51 to 70 years (50+d20). The character may then add this resulting number
to their effective age, and receive the intellectual benefits therof.
 However, they do not receive the physical penalties of old age until the
host reaches the appropriate age.  For a trill, physical age refers to the
age of the host, which has the same range as a human.  "Actual age," however,
referes to the comined age of the symbiont (determined as above) and the
current host.

>Maybe it should be 2d6 -2 [for the number of previous hosts], as
>not all symbionts will be old, they must have a first time some time...

Good point.  How about 1d12-1?  This will result in a slightly lower average
for previous hosts (6 as opposed to 7), and can also result in a very young
symbiont (0 previous hosts) or a very old symbiont (11 previous hosts).

No clear mention is made (in the shows) about how long a symbiont can live,
but ten makes for a nice, round limit.  A symbiont with 11 previous hosts
will be an extradonary case.

>> the Treladine Outpost in Trabaspace.  She has a formadable
>>spell library, thanks to two of Dax's previous hosts being wizards.
>>Most of

>Does this mean that the symbiont can 'memorize' spells?  And the
>guy being so smart and wisdomfull couldn't he then cast?

Hmmm, I guess not.  Symbionts are helpless without a host.  In the case of
Jadzea Dax (the Spelljammer version), let's assume that the spell books of
Dax's previous wizard hosts have survived.  That leads to this:

In the cases where a symbiont has had a spellcasting host, the GM should roll
a d6.  On a 1-2, the spellbooks of the previous host are still available, and
the PC (if a wizard) will be able to make a copy of them.  In the case of
wizard spells, the current host need not check to "learn" the spell, because
the symbiont, while unable to cast spells, already "knows" the spell.

In the case of a previous host being a priest, the GM should decide which
diety the previous priest worshiped.  The Trill character may then be able to
cast spells that are normally restricted to the previous hosts dietie,
assuming that the current host's dietiy isn't in opposition.  (This needs
some fine tuning.)


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