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Month Index: November, 1994

From:     RJPugh@???.com
Date:     Sun, 27 Nov 1994 17:44:50 -0500
Subject:  Re: Trill sample character (3/3)
Sample Trill character
[This is not an "official" adaptation of the DS9 character, just a
sample of a trill character.  She happened to be convienent.]

Jadzea Dax
Chief Battle Wizard, Treladine Outpost
Level 12 Mage

Strength:       10
Dexterity:      15
Constitution:   13
Intelligence:   19
Wisdom:         19
Charisma:       14

Secondary Skills (detailed below) : Armorer, Fisher, Gambling, Scribe,
Trapper, Woodworker.

Proficiencies (detailed below): Animal Handling - 18, Blind-Fighting -
18, Cartography - 17, Diplomacy - 19, Engineering - 19, Farming - 14,
Gaming - 14, Heraldry (Space) -19, Hunting - 18, Mason - 14, Music - 15,
navigation (Wildspace) -17, Planetology - 18, Religion - 19,
Spacemanship - 16, Spellcraft - 17, Spelljamming - 17, Weaponsmith - 16.

Jadzea Dax is a Trill wizard that acts as the chief battle wizard for
the Treladine Outpost in Trabaspace.  She has a formadable spell
library, thanks to two of Dax's previous hosts being wizards.  Most of
her everyday spells are geared toward tending the Baracahania tree that
serves as the Treladine outpost.  She is well liked by most of her
co-workers, and is a long time personal friend of the outpost commander.

Her symbiont, Dax, has had seven previous hosts.  One was a dimplomat,
another a musician, two were wizards, one was a priest, one a warrior, and
one a rogue.  Combined with her level, Jadzea has thirteen proficiency slots.
 By rolling d4+1 for all seven hosts, and another d4 for the current host,
Jadzea Dax receives *29* rolls on the secondary skills table.  After rolling
through all of these, some of the secondary skills appeared more than once,
so they were "promoted" to non-weapon proficiencies.  Among these were
hunting, farming, mining, and teamster/freighter (which I broke into animal
handling and weapon repair).  At some point, one of Dax's hosts must have
lived in on a frontier area, such as a space coloney, were agriculture and
animal work was common.  Dax must have also done some time among dwarves, or
other industrial types, giving Dax a knowledge of mining and masonry.

By looking at her collection of skills, one can see that Dax has been
around for a while.  Jadzea is likely to enhance this collection even
more, because she is naturally curious and likes to explore.  Her
personal interests include exotic cooking, art, and a rather dangerous scro
version of raquettball.

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