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From:     RJPugh@???.com
Date:     Sun, 27 Nov 1994 17:44:31 -0500
Subject:  Re: Trill Characters (2/3)
Trill Characters
(AD&D Mechanics)

NPC trills may find roles as sages, patrons, diplomats, ambassadors, various
types of contacts, and so on.  Naturally, GM supervision is strongly
recommended in the creation of a PC trill, if a GM is willing to allow such.
 Experienced players (i.e. no munchkins) might find playing a trill an
interesting role-playing experience.

Ability         Range      Adjustment
Strength        3/17         -1
Dexterity       3/18         0
Constitution    3/16         -d2
Intelligence    6/20         +d2
Wisdom          7/21         +d3
Charisma        5/18         +1

Notes: Trills tend to have numerous physical weekness, probably as a result
of the symbiosis.  Hense the penalties on Strength and
Constitution.  A truly wicked GM might want to give them vulnerability
to certain kinds of magics, poisons, and so on.

By the same token, however, Trills have sizeable benefits for
Inteligence and Wisdom.  This reflects several lifetimes of experience.

Skills and character classes:  All character classes are available to
Trills, and there is no limit to how high they can advance in their
chosen class.  Stats may impose limits, just as they would for any other
character.  Trills do have the option of becomming dual class
characters, though very few of them do.  No one has a good reason for this, bu
t it's probably related to the combined experiences of the
symbiont override any desire to make a major carear change:

     "Been there, done that, didn't like it."

When a PC generates a Trill PC, they should rull 2d6.  This indicates
how many hosts their symbiont has had.  For each host, the character earns
2-5 secondary skills *and* one non-weapon proficiency.  The secondary skills
should be totally random.  Duplicate rolls for a secondary skill (if they
happen) should be changed into a matching non-weapon proficiency.

The non-weapon proficiencies from the symbiont should be based on the
experiences of the previous hosts.  This can be achieved with the supervision
of the GM, or by using the following table:

d6  Class of previous host:
1   Warrior
2-3 Mage
4-5 Priest
6   Rogue

When the classes of the previous hosts are determined, the PC may select a
non-weapon proficieny from the lists of nonweapon proficiency groups (PH


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