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From:     David Whiteley <dwhitele@??????.???.???.ca>
Date:     Sun, 27 Nov 1994 12:42:33 -0330 (NST)
Subject:  Re: New ideas for an old world.
	Interesting idea, and one with a LOT of poetential if done
right.  I, however, would never have the heart to destroy Toril; not only
because it's my favorite game world, but because I try to maintain
continuity between campaigns and groups -- if I destroyed the world for
one group, I'd be destroying it for all future groups.  Of course, that's
just my style -- if you started another campaign with the world intact,
that's your perogative as a DM.
	However, in a recent campaign I had a small town be corrupted and become
a part of the Ravenloft territories.  The characters escaped only because
a small spelljammer craft they had previously discovered had been gotten
and repaired by a local shop (they had previously sold the helm to that
shop).  So, as you might gather, I place all the Ravenloft realms
somewhere in wildspace, fully life-supporting and surrounded by mists.  I
intend a return trip to that land soon, so I'll probably dealing with the
Ravenloft/SJ crossover aspects in greater depth.
	Best of luck with your campaign.

	Dave Whiteley

On Sun, 27 Nov 1994
beilby@??????.???.??.au wrote:

> Hail Jammers,
>    I'm going to be DMing a group of experienced players in the not so distant
> future who know the Realms, (the only world I know much about) extremly well,
> and since one of the players is the old DM, I would have a lot of problems
> DM the Realms for them.  (Since the DM in question knows the Realms backwiards)
>   So I thought I'd have to either by at least one boxed set for a different
> world, or create my own world.  Neither option being particuly appealing, as
> I'm short on cash and time.  It was at this point that I got to talking with
> a friend, and came up with the the idea of putting the Realms though a
> mangler, to cut down on the work, but still get something that the players
> wont be familiar with.
>    What follows is the result of the brainstorming session, its still extremly
> sketchy at the moment, but I'm hoping to provide some inspiration for the list,
> so that I can flesh it out a bit more with the responces.
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>    The Re-Mixed Realms.
>    The basic idea is to mangle the realms in such a way that it will be
> familiar to them, but be vastly changed, so that none of the info they have
> gained over years of playing will be accurate anynore.
>    To do this I plan is to shatter Toril into thousands of smaller pieces,
> which will be floating islands in an air body.  (I'm toying with the idea of
> making it a torus which goes completely around the sun.)  these planetary
> fragments will be rougly flat sections of the upper crust, allowing life to
> develope on both sides of the fragment.  What happened to the the center of the
> planet nobody knows, maybe the planet was hollow in the first place.  This
> would give just cause for a plethora of new nasties to populate one side of
> many of the fragments, especialy those whose orbits give one side of the
> fragment more time in the light than the other.
>   This cataclysm will have knocked most of the civilisations of the realms back
> into barbarianism.  They will claw there way back up towards civilisation again
> using the remains there old ones, though certain changes of belief will take
> place.  Some gods disappear, new one appear.  On some of the fragments, where
> one belief in one of the gods was dominant, the belief in the other gods might
> well wane, or disappear altogether.  Whole new patheons could develope on
> fragments
>    Possible causes of the cataclysm:
>       - The mythal fails in Myth Dranor...   The magical energies used to push
> the outer planer creatures back to whence they came shattered the planet.  This
> idea is due to one of the current PC's goals being to take over Myth Dranor and
> restore it to its former glory...  Myths about the cursed party that caused the
> trouble should produce some interesting results.
>       - A god attemted to cast a spell during the time of troubles, and got to
> roll on the gods wild magic table...  :)
>       - Some fool of a mage researched a planet buster.  :)
>       - A bunch of evil creatures, mostly outerplaner in origin, go on a
> rampage over the surface of the realms, destroying many cities and strongholds
> before they are stopped.  Again stopping them lead to nasty side-effects, that
> shattered the planet.  This is another idea drwan from the plans of the group.
> We had planned to create an evil group to have fun destroying the segments of
> the realms that annoy us.  This one would involve shadowdale being hit by a
> kinetic energy weapon...  In this case a boulder of about 1000 pounds dropped
> from low orbit directly onto Elminsters tower while he was in residence. :)
>    Ideas for changes:
>    -  Waterdeep and small section of the surrounding area make up one fragment.
> Unfortunatly another smaller fragment collided with it, destroying the central
> section, and collapsing most of undermountain, causing most of waterdeep to be
> below the water level.  The survivors setup a shanty town around the edges of
> the new lake waterdeep, and begin diving to the submerged sections to plunder
> them.   Halister (sp?) after having his pet project destroyed, sees potential
> for a new toy.  He begins using his mighty powers to capture other fragments of
> the shattered planet, and join them to waterdeep fragment, to create a new
> world, as he would have made it.  Over time, as Halister builds the waterdeep
> fragment up to a respectable size, the people start to worship him, refering to
> him as "The Builder".
>    - The dales area is one of the larger fragments, with Zhentil keep in ruins,
> with all the persecution in Prince of Lies, they decide to move into Shadow
> Dale, which without Elminster to help is relativly easily taken over.  Though
> all the existing leaders on both sides are lost.  The area is renamed Shadow
> Keep, and should be a nasty surprise for the players.
>    Mechanics of the planetary fragments:
>    Given the modifications to gravity so that matter is drawn towards the
> centerof the plane, instead of pushed out towards the edges.  Each of the
> fragments would take of the form of islands, with any water that fell of the
> edges onto the gravity plane forming a ocean around the fragment.  This ocean
> would be thickest at the edge of the fragment, and thin out towards the outer
> edge of the gravity plane.
>    These oceans would act as extremly good barrier to prevent movement between
> the two sides of the fragments, and would allow very different cultures,
> ecologies to form on the two sides.
>         / / / /     __   And how can this be?
>    )--/+-+-+-+---  '  \   - Because HE IS THE KWISATZ HADERACH!!!
>      (8| Scorpius>\___/                                             //
>    )--\+-+-+-+---                                               \\ //   RETINA
>         \ \ \ \   Dougal Beilby (beilby@??????.???.??.au)        \X/ A4000/030

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