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From:     beilby@??????.???.??.au
Date:     Sun, 27 Nov 1994 16:57:06 +1100 (EST)
Subject:  Re: New ideas for an old world.
Hail Jammers,

   I'm going to be DMing a group of experienced players in the not so distant
future who know the Realms, (the only world I know much about) extremly well,
and since one of the players is the old DM, I would have a lot of problems
DM the Realms for them.  (Since the DM in question knows the Realms backwiards)

  So I thought I'd have to either by at least one boxed set for a different
world, or create my own world.  Neither option being particuly appealing, as
I'm short on cash and time.  It was at this point that I got to talking with
a friend, and came up with the the idea of putting the Realms though a
mangler, to cut down on the work, but still get something that the players
wont be familiar with.

   What follows is the result of the brainstorming session, its still extremly
sketchy at the moment, but I'm hoping to provide some inspiration for the list,
so that I can flesh it out a bit more with the responces.


   The Re-Mixed Realms.

   The basic idea is to mangle the realms in such a way that it will be
familiar to them, but be vastly changed, so that none of the info they have
gained over years of playing will be accurate anynore.

   To do this I plan is to shatter Toril into thousands of smaller pieces,
which will be floating islands in an air body.  (I'm toying with the idea of
making it a torus which goes completely around the sun.)  these planetary
fragments will be rougly flat sections of the upper crust, allowing life to
develope on both sides of the fragment.  What happened to the the center of the
planet nobody knows, maybe the planet was hollow in the first place.  This
would give just cause for a plethora of new nasties to populate one side of
many of the fragments, especialy those whose orbits give one side of the
fragment more time in the light than the other.

  This cataclysm will have knocked most of the civilisations of the realms back
into barbarianism.  They will claw there way back up towards civilisation again
using the remains there old ones, though certain changes of belief will take
place.  Some gods disappear, new one appear.  On some of the fragments, where
one belief in one of the gods was dominant, the belief in the other gods might
well wane, or disappear altogether.  Whole new patheons could develope on

   Possible causes of the cataclysm:

      - The mythal fails in Myth Dranor...   The magical energies used to push
the outer planer creatures back to whence they came shattered the planet.  This
idea is due to one of the current PC's goals being to take over Myth Dranor and
restore it to its former glory...  Myths about the cursed party that caused the
trouble should produce some interesting results.

      - A god attemted to cast a spell during the time of troubles, and got to
roll on the gods wild magic table...  :)

      - Some fool of a mage researched a planet buster.  :)

      - A bunch of evil creatures, mostly outerplaner in origin, go on a
rampage over the surface of the realms, destroying many cities and strongholds
before they are stopped.  Again stopping them lead to nasty side-effects, that
shattered the planet.  This is another idea drwan from the plans of the group.
We had planned to create an evil group to have fun destroying the segments of
the realms that annoy us.  This one would involve shadowdale being hit by a
kinetic energy weapon...  In this case a boulder of about 1000 pounds dropped
from low orbit directly onto Elminsters tower while he was in residence. :)

   Ideas for changes:

   -  Waterdeep and small section of the surrounding area make up one fragment.
Unfortunatly another smaller fragment collided with it, destroying the central
section, and collapsing most of undermountain, causing most of waterdeep to be
below the water level.  The survivors setup a shanty town around the edges of
the new lake waterdeep, and begin diving to the submerged sections to plunder
them.   Halister (sp?) after having his pet project destroyed, sees potential
for a new toy.  He begins using his mighty powers to capture other fragments of
the shattered planet, and join them to waterdeep fragment, to create a new
world, as he would have made it.  Over time, as Halister builds the waterdeep
fragment up to a respectable size, the people start to worship him, refering to
him as "The Builder".

   - The dales area is one of the larger fragments, with Zhentil keep in ruins,
with all the persecution in Prince of Lies, they decide to move into Shadow
Dale, which without Elminster to help is relativly easily taken over.  Though
all the existing leaders on both sides are lost.  The area is renamed Shadow
Keep, and should be a nasty surprise for the players.

   Mechanics of the planetary fragments:

   Given the modifications to gravity so that matter is drawn towards the
centerof the plane, instead of pushed out towards the edges.  Each of the
fragments would take of the form of islands, with any water that fell of the
edges onto the gravity plane forming a ocean around the fragment.  This ocean
would be thickest at the edge of the fragment, and thin out towards the outer
edge of the gravity plane.

   These oceans would act as extremly good barrier to prevent movement between
the two sides of the fragments, and would allow very different cultures,
ecologies to form on the two sides.

        / / / /     __   And how can this be?
   )--/+-+-+-+---  '  \   - Because HE IS THE KWISATZ HADERACH!!!
     (8| Scorpius>\___/                                             //
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        \ \ \ \   Dougal Beilby (beilby@??????.???.??.au)        \X/ A4000/030

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