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From:     BriBri Superuser <jpembert@??????.??.???.??.cr>
Date:     Fri, 18 Nov 1994 06:17:14 -0600 (CST)
Subject:  Re: Phlogiston River 1.1
> someone want's to play-test it, DO IT!  :)
 I will, as soon as gather my players and get out of exams...

> Let's get this spell into the upcoming  I can see many a party
 You bet it.

> pining for a spell like this.  Someone mentioned having a Wizard version of
> this.  Perhaps the wizard version should use the same mechanics, but be
 I really don't believe that a wizard should be able to cast such a spell,
it just doesn't fit in well, its not like every spell a pries can cast a
wizard MUST cast, some spells just must be set to only one class.

> ______________________________
> Phlogiston River (Priest 6th)
> Sphere: Weather, Travel, Astral/Etheral
> Range: 0
> Components: V, S, M
> Duration: Special
> Casting Time: 1 turn
> Area of Effect: One vessel
> Saving Throw: None
 OK, except that astral sphere, i dunno, doesn't seem to be right.
Phlogiston-Astral Plane do you see a relationship?

> By means of this spell, a priest is able to create a phlogiston river (or
> current)  where one previously did not exist, or where the current was too
> slow or thin to be of any use.  Travel between two spheres that are not
> connected by a flow river is normally 100-400 (1d4) days, or more than four
> times as long as a trip between two connected spheres.  For each level of the
> priest casting the spell, this travel time is reduced by 10-40 days (1d4), to
> a minimum of 90 days, an acceptable travel time for a normal flow voyage.
> This spell also increases, slightly,  the chances of the ships navigator (+1
> on proficiency checks) finding a natural current along the same route,
> assuming that one is to be found.
> The material component of this spell is a flask of water from a rushing
> river, or a sample of air captured during a wind storm, and a sample of
> phlogiston ether, which is mixed with the water or air during casting.
>  Because of this requirement, it is impossible to cast this spell anywhere
> except in the flow.  It is possible for the priest to prepare (memorize) the
> spell before entering the flow, however.  In fact, this is almost imperative,
> since very few dieties will respond to requests for spells from someone in
> the flow.
> Note that the use of this spell will also double the chances of a random
> encounter while in the flow.  Creatures native to a stagnant region of the
> flow, such as radient dragons or ephemerals, are likely to be very curious
> about anything that suddenly travels through the area at an alarming speed.
> _______________________________________
> OK, comment away!
> Rich
 Well its just great that we can get stuff like this done on the 'Net, this
spell ended up really cool!

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