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From:     RJPugh@???.com
Date:     Fri, 18 Nov 1994 01:30:35 -0500
Subject:  Re: Phlogiston River 1.1
Here we have the River spell, second draft.  Keep picking it apart.  If
someone want's to play-test it, DO IT!  :)

Let's get this spell into the upcoming  I can see many a party
pining for a spell like this.  Someone mentioned having a Wizard version of
this.  Perhaps the wizard version should use the same mechanics, but be
seventy level instead?  Controlling weather may come naturally for a priest,
but for a wizard, well, they have to over-analize everything.

Phlogiston River (Priest 6th)

Sphere: Weather, Travel, Astral/Etheral
Range: 0
Components: V, S, M
Duration: Special
Casting Time: 1 turn
Area of Effect: One vessel
Saving Throw: None

By means of this spell, a priest is able to create a phlogiston river (or
current)  where one previously did not exist, or where the current was too
slow or thin to be of any use.  Travel between two spheres that are not
connected by a flow river is normally 100-400 (1d4) days, or more than four
times as long as a trip between two connected spheres.  For each level of the
priest casting the spell, this travel time is reduced by 10-40 days (1d4), to
a minimum of 90 days, an acceptable travel time for a normal flow voyage.

This spell also increases, slightly,  the chances of the ships navigator (+1
on proficiency checks) finding a natural current along the same route,
assuming that one is to be found.

The material component of this spell is a flask of water from a rushing
river, or a sample of air captured during a wind storm, and a sample of
phlogiston ether, which is mixed with the water or air during casting.
 Because of this requirement, it is impossible to cast this spell anywhere
except in the flow.  It is possible for the priest to prepare (memorize) the
spell before entering the flow, however.  In fact, this is almost imperative,
since very few dieties will respond to requests for spells from someone in
the flow.

Note that the use of this spell will also double the chances of a random
encounter while in the flow.  Creatures native to a stagnant region of the
flow, such as radient dragons or ephemerals, are likely to be very curious
about anything that suddenly travels through the area at an alarming speed.


OK, comment away!


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Month Index: November, 1994

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