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From:     RJPugh@???.com
Date:     Wed, 16 Nov 1994 17:06:57 -0500
Subject:  Re: Skills for Trills
Regarding skills for trills...

>Still, since each host can have a different profession it seems,
>it would be possible for a symbiont to go from a mage host to
>any other class. I don't think they would be able to carry over
>magical skills, and they don't seem to be telepathic, except with
>each other.

How about this:

Most of the experiences of previous hosts will manafest themselves as
secondary skills (in AD&D mechanics).  However, for each previous host, give
the character one proficiency slot.

This proficiency slot should reflect a skill that is related to the previous
host.  For example, if a previous host was a fighter, the character should be
allowed to take one proficiency skill from the "fighter" list for free.  This
could result in interesting combinations, such as a wizard with an intimate
knowledge of weapon making, or a fighter with a detailed knowledge of
spellcraft, or a thief with a working knowledge of theology.

When the class of the current host is the same as that of a previous host,
the character should get a special benefit.  The easy way would be to simply
provide another proficiency slot.  The hard way would be to give the
character a unique twist on their class.  For example, a priest that can
select spells outside the sphere of his or her dietie without penalty, or a
wizard with double bonus for learning spells.  Fighters might get a special
benefit with a certain type of weapon ("Treamak was a renowned archer..."),
while thieves might have "street" knowledge of a city or port that no one
else might:

    "No one has entered the labrynth of Bral in over one-hundred

    "I know.  I was there."

Trill should have the option of psionics, but such powers should be
restricted to the hosts, and not carried through the symbiants: they don't
have the mental architecture for psionics as we know them.  BUT, the symbiant
would carry an understanding of how psionics work, and how they can be used.
 Should the symbiant ever again have a psionic host, the trill could receive
some special psionic abilities, such as some very rare or unique disciplines.

Again, the GM would have to oversee the generation process of a trill PC.

More trills to come.


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