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From:     Joseph Delisle <jd@?????.net>
Date:     Sat, 12 Nov 1994 22:49:21 -0500 (EST)
Subject:  Re: Trill Thrills
In a previous message, RJPugh@???.com said...
>   I'm wondering what kind of game mechanics such a race might have.

	Offhand, I'd give them a -1 to Strength and Constitution; they seem
to be more intellectual than physical. Also, joined Trills seemed to have
additional weaknesses (vulnerability to teleportation, certain types of
poison, etc).

> I was thinking that for each host a symbiant has had, it retains, say, 2-5
> proficiencies/skills.  Also, the intelligence, wisdom and perhaps charisma
> of the host are raised 1-4 points (in AD&D mechanics).

	I would give them 1-4 secondary skills (instead of just NWPs). On
ST:DS9 some of Dax's other hosts have skills perfected over a lifetime of
experience that Jadzia never even tried. At least 3 NWPs per host...
	Stat-wise, I would say Intelligence would go up by 1-2, and Wisdom
by 2-4. The symbionts have lived several lifetimes, so they would have
greater intelligence. Another way to do it would to use the aging table, and
just give each host after the first the benefits of old age (assuming the
first host lived that long).

>  It's unlikely that the Symbosis Comission (the stuffed shirts who decide
> which trill gets a symbiant) would let the oldest symbiants go into a trill
> who wants to go swashbuckling around the spheres.

	I wouldn't count on that. A symbiont military leader might be useful
to have going around the spheres. Or a symbiont who is being exiled could be
placed in a semi-suitable host and sent away to fend for itself.

> Imagine a trill wizard with a symbiant who has had a number of spellcasting
> hosts.  Imagine the spell library that guy would have!

	Ack! Even after a few lifetimes, that would be enormous. Still,
since each host can have a different profession it seems, it would be
possible for a symbiont to go from a mage host to any other class. I don't
think they would be able to carry over magical skills, and they don't seem
to be telepathic, except with each other.
	On the other hand (tentacle?), a trill thief would be unstoppable;
some experience from past thief hosts could be given to the next one -- it
would eventually get stats up to 95%.

> Anyone else want to talk trill?

	Jadzia is certainly a trill-ing lady.   :)

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