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From:     RJPugh@???.com
Date:     Sat, 12 Nov 1994 20:50:33 -0500
Subject:  Re: Trill Thrills
(Looks like the list needs some fuel...)

First, for those of you who have been sending mail to my Cornell account, as
of next Tuesday I will no longer have a Cornell account.  In fact, I don't
know what the heck is going to happen to me.  Ah, such are the hazzards of
working on a grant.

I have been collecting exotic races from a variety of sources for possible
use in the Spelljammer universe.  (Actually I have a zoo started.)

One race that I find interesting are the Trill from Star Trek.  One Trill,
Jadzea Daxx, is a regular on Deep Space Nine (she's my favorite character on
the place).  Another one, a diplomat names Odan, made an appearance on ST:TNG.
  I'm wondering what kind of game mechanics such a race might have.

For those of you who don't know, the trill are basically a humanoid race, and
are normally considered to be among the "good guys."  As a race they tend to
be quite thin, and they have a series of brown spots that start around the
temples, go down the neck and shoulders, and ultimately to the ancles.
 Trills that can be found traveling the stars often have a "symbiant," which i
s actually a seperate life form that can be implanted into a special cavety
in the abdomen of the humanoid trill (called a "host" in these cases).

Trills w/o a symbiant can be considered humans, so there isn't a problem there
.  But what about a trill PC or NPC with a symbiant?  A joined trill retains
the basic personality of the humanoid host, but the host gains all (or most)
of the skills and memories of any other host that the symbiant has had in the

I was thinking that for each host a symbiant has had, it retains, say, 2-5
proficiencies/skills.  Also, the intelligence, wisdom and perhaps charisma of
the host are raised 1-4 points (in AD&D mechanics).  This would help to
reflect the accumulated knowledge of the previous hosts.   I don't know how
long a symbiant can live, but I think I remember Daxx mentioning in one
episode that a given symbiant can live through as many as ten hosts, but this
is rare.  To be safe, I might assume that a given symbiant has had 1-6 hosts.
 It's unlikely that the Symbosis Comission (the stuffed shirts who decide
which trill gets a symbiant) would let the oldest symbiants go into a trill
who wants to go swashbuckling around the spheres.

NPC trills may find roles as sages, patrons, diplomats, ambassadors, various
types of contacts, and so on.  Naturally, GM supervision is strongly recommend
ed in the creation of a PC trill (if a GM is willing to allow such), but
experienced players (i.e. no munchkins) might find playing a trill an
interesting role-playing experience.

Imagine a trill wizard with a symbiant who has had a number of spellcasting
hosts.  Imagine the spell library that guy would have!

Anyone else want to talk trill?

Bard of Wilspace

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