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Month Index: November, 1994

From:     phantom@????.????.???.edu
Date:     Mon, 7 Nov 94 19:07:19 EST
Subject:  Re: Forwarded Spell
Greetings Fellow Jammers!

The author posted this to ADND-L a few days ago and has granted
permission to crosspost it to the SpellJammer List.  Enjoy!

The Phantom

> Center of Gravity (Alteration)
> 6th level wizard spell - reversible
> Range: 15 yards/level
> Components: V,S,M
> Duration: 1 turn/level
> Casting Time: 1 round
> Area of Effect: Special
> Saving throw: Special
>   The effect of this spell is to nullify the effect of normal gravity
> within the spherical area of effect, and to replace it with artificial
> gravity of the same strength centered upon the center of the sphere.  It
> can be centered on objects, creatures or even in midair, but if centered on
> a creature it recieves a save vs. spell to cancel the effects entirely.
> The actual effect is that objects, creatures and everything that isn't
> bolted down will fall towards this center of gravity.  If a surface
> separates a creature from the center, it will be able to stand on the
> surface normally, even if horizontal, vertical or whatever when compared to
> normal "down".  The sphere created has a radius of 10 feet, but is
> increased by 5 feet for every additional casting.  If the center of gravity
> is in mid-air, and there is nothing else in its way, an object falling
> toward it will bob back and forth around it, slowly coming to a stop at the
> center.  Someone stuck at the edge of the sphere, with both gravities
> pulling him in opposite directions takes 1d6 damage each round.
>   The reverse of this spell, center of repulsion, has the opposite effect.
> Anything in the area of effect falls away from the center of the sphere.
> In any overlapping area between both versions of the spell, an area of zero
> gravity will be created.  For both versions, the material component is a
> lodestone.
>         Obviously, the use here would be for creating a spherical tower.
> The only entrance would be on top, where the gravity is the same within the
> spell and outside it.  In my opinion, the choice rooms would be on the
> bottom, because they'd have a fantastic view.  Imagine looking up to see
> the ground.  Anyway, I've already come up with another spell, so it should
> be ready for tomorrow or the day after.
>         Originally I thought that Draven meant that he had made a new
> school of magic (alteration, abjuration...).  Has anyone come up with a new
> one, because I couldn't come up with anything that wouldn't be a
> sub-division of those that are already there?
>         One last thing.  I posted a rather harsh message for Bryce
> Harrington a few days ago, not realizing how harsh it actually sounds.  I
> apologized privately, but wish to apologize publicly as well.  Sorry.
>                         May your fire burn bright,
>                       Aerlevar, Paladin of Lathander
> "Courage is the shortcut to Heaven" - Adam Darlow, circa 1994

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