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From:     RJPugh@???.com
Date:     Mon, 7 Nov 1994 14:09:16 -0500
Subject:  Re: Tiger Shark (repost)
Hi folks.  I'm re-posting this ship that appeared some time back.  This time,
It's using the ship template for the upcoming

SpellJamming Ship Template V 1.0  (Clip this line)
Tiger Shark

Built By		:see below
Used Primarily By	:see below
Cost (in gp)	:100,000 (material cost only, spells are extra)
Tonnage		: 40 tons
Hull Points		: 40 spacial tons
Crew		: 4 / 40
Maneuverability Class: B
Landing-Land	: No
Landing-Water	: Yes
Armor Rating	:4
Saves As		:Metal
Power Type	:Major or minor Helm
Ship's Rating	:As helmsman
Cargo Capacity	: 10 tons
Keel Length	: 180 feet
Beam Width	: 40 feet (70 feet with fins)
Most Appropriate World  :
  * Armament *
Weapon: Multi-Ballistae (1)
Crew  : 1
Other :

Weapon: Medium Ballistae (3)
Crew  : 2 each
Other : Typically in protected turrets

Design and Construction notes: This vessel has been designed for a high level
party. It's main design criteria was to allow the small group to be able to
go spelljamming without the extra NPC's that would be needed for a ship with
the capabilities they wanted. It also had to be very distinctive.

Description: The Tiger Shark class light cruiser appears as a terrestial
shark. The only things marring this illusion are its size, the three ballista
turrets projecting from its dorsal fin, and the orange and black stripes
painted over the entire vessel. The protected ballistae turrets are partialy
enclosed within the dorsal fin of the ship. This provides the crews of the
ballistae with 70% cover, though it does reduce the firing arcs for the
weapons. (180 degrees for the front mounted ballistae, and 155 degrees for
the two sidemounted ballistae.)

The ships incredible manueverability is due to the enchantments cast on the
fins and tail of the ship, which allow the helmsman to control them with as
much freedom of movement as a real shark.

Mounted in the "mouth" of the ship is a "Multi-Ballistae", a magical
construct which fires balistae bolts. The device has a fire rate of 1/2, and
fires 4 bolts simultaneously from 4 ports spaced five feet apart across the
nose of the ship. (Each bolt has a seperate attack roll.) The bolts fired
have a range of 6 hexes (3,000 yards) and do 2d6 hit points damage (no hull
damage). The device is magicly loaded and fired under control from the helm,
though a member of the crew is needed to replenish the supplies of bolts as
they are used from its feed hoppers. The device has 4 hoppers, each capable
of holding 10 bolts, one for each bolt casting mechanism. (ie if only one
hopper contains bolts, only one bolt can be fired at a time.) The automatic
loading of bolts can be interupted by the helmsman to allow for loading of
special bolts (described below), though this incurrs an extra round between
firings. Of course the hoppers could be loaded with specials in the first
place, but this usually isn't done as the special bolts are very expencive.

To complement this weapon, "Mage Bolts" where created. Mage bolts are
equisitly crafted balistae bolts, enchanted to deliver a spell when they hit
thier target. Two types have so far been created, disintergration bolts, and
fireball bolts to provide anti-ship capabilities. (A "heavy" load of
specials, has 2 disintergration bolts on the outside, and two fireball bolts
on the inside, which has the potential for severly damaging even the biggest

Uses: Though designed as exploritory vessel for PC's, it's high
maneuverability, heavy armour, and capacity for dishing out lots of damage,
would make it attractive to a wide range of people. Though its high cost, and
the reluctence of the mage responcible for its design to part with the plans
for the fin mechanisms, and multi-balistae could prove to be a bit of a
stumbling block.

Variations: None known at this stage.

  * Credits *
Author		: Dougal Beilby.
Misc. Author Info	:
Email Address	:
Additional Credits to	: Richard J. Pugh (ed.)

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