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From:     Greg Stone <gxs@orville.oeb>
Date:     Fri, 04 Nov 1994 09:28:12 PST
Subject:  Re: Submission. Re: SJNB: Help out guys!
[Jeremy Pemberton wrote]
>Hi everyone!
>   Sean and I have quite a lot of stuff saved-off from the list, and that
>will indeed be of great help in the creation of the new SJNB, however we do
>need your help, fellow listmembers, go ahead and post all your creations be
>whatever they are!

I thought you might like to use this in your Netbook.
Could any changes or improvements (ie. rip it to shreds) that anyone
makes be posted back to me or (proferably) the list.

 - Thank you.

Greg Stone		email: G.Stone@???.???.au

"Bicycle, bicycle, bicycle.  I want to ride my bicycle."
							- Queen

---------------8<---------------cut here---------------8<---------------
Gnomish Pedalboat or Flywheeler

   Built By			: Gnome
   Used Primarily By		: Gnome, Human
   Cost (in GP)			: ?, varies on desperation
   Tonnage			: 2 tons
   Hull Points			: 4
   Crew				: 1
   Maneuverability Class	: A
   Landing-Land			: No
   Landing-Water		: No
   Armor Rating                 : 8
   Saves As			: Wood, thick
   Power Type			: Pedal-power, non-magical
   Ship's Rating		: Str/10, see below
   Cargo Capacity		: 1/2 ton
   Keel Length			: 30 feet
   Beam Width			: 15 feet (25 feet including flywheels)
   Most Appropriate World	: Gnomish
  * Armament *

Weapon	: Gnomish sweeper or Medium ballista (1)
Damage	: 1-8,special
Crew	: 2
Other	:


This strange vessel is a gnome modified wreckboat. It looks like a
normal lifeboat with two enormous flywheels attached to either side.
These flywheels can be made of stone, wood or steel and sometimes other
strange materials are used.  A set of pedals are to be found, usually
below the rudder man's seat.  A large gear box is fitted to the bottom
of the boat connecting the pedals to the flywheels in an extremely
complicated and typically gnomish manner.

The motive force for this boat is produced by working the pedals.  This
position is called the 'Pedalsman'.  Through a complicated set of gears,
pulleys and cogs the huge flywheels are spun at high speed.  No-one is
quite shore of the next bit, even the Gnomes, but the pedalboat uses
the inertia of the flywheels against each other to produce its forward

As only the physical strength of the helmsman is being used to power the
boat it is much less powerful then magical forms of helms.  The ship's
rating (SR) is calculated by dividing the strength of the pedalsman by
ten and rounding up.  This gives a maximum SR of 3.  Faster speeds are
possible for short periods but the pedalsman must then rest.
Spelljamming speeds are impossible.  Also the flywheeler is unable to
raise itself up out of a gravity plane or fly on a planetoid.  It can
only move in wildspace and on the gravity plane of other bodies.

If a flywheeler is reduced to 0 hull points (destroyed) there is a
chance that the two flywheels will career off in random directions.
These flywheels can be up to 8 feet across and weigh 500 pounds making
them extremely dangerous projectiles.  To determine if they hit anything
roll randomly for the direction they go in on a D6.  If one of the
flywheels passes through an occupied hex, roll to see if the flywheel
hits (one of) the object(s) in that hex.  Treat them as if they where
thrown by a giant.


Due to the tiring job of helming a pedalboat animated creatures are
often used.  Skeleton pedalsmen are the most common as zombies become
smelly after awhile.  When speed is essential, golems with their great
strength are used.

Ship Uses

Attack Ship:  Like a wreckboat the flywheeler can be mounted with a
medium ballista or more commonly a gnomish sweeper.  However, because of
its slow speed, it is not used in this role very often.

Bomb Boat:  The flywheeler is loaded up with as much smoke powder or
greek oil as can be mustered and flown kamikaze style into a target
exploding on impact.  The pedalsman either goes with down with the ship,
teleports off at the last moment or most often the boat in flown by an
animated being such as a skeleton or zombie.

Exercise:  Amongst the idle rich this craze has taken off.  Exercise
obsessed well to do have been seen slowly riding around their luxury
space yachts.  :)

Fairy or Shuttle:  Used to move people or goods between ships.

Lifeboat:  As per wreckboat.

Racing:  A new sport to take off is pedal boat racing.  A course set out
in the wildspace using rocks and ships. Contestants race against each
other for the finish line.  Much money is bet on these races and a great
deal of prestige can be gained by the riders.  The pinnacle of this sport
is the Tour de Bral.

Steam Boat:  Rumored - A badly injured gnome was found drifting through
wildspace.  When first found he could only mutter the one phase over and
over, "Only one more tiny adjustment".  Eventually he recovered from shock
to tell a frightening story.  His tribe of gnomes was working on a steam
driven flywheeler.  Still in the prototype stage, they regularly caught
fire or exploded.

  * Credits *
Author			: GnomeTech - Greg Stone with James Stevens
Misc. Author Info       : Looking for RPG groups in Melbourne, Australia.
Email Address		: gxs@???.???.au
Additional Credits to	: Hahn Ice Beer - inspiration in a bottle!

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