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From:     Michael Sandy <mehawk@?????.?????.com>
Date:     Tue, 1 Nov 94 22:42 PST
Subject:  Re: Groundlings using spelljammers
I'd like to address some of the sillier reasons against groundlings

Someone suggested it would be cheaper to get control of the source area
for a product than to build a Spelljammer fleet to transport it.  That is
like saying it would've been cheaper for France to 'buy' the empire of China
than build clipper ships to trade with it.  High value intercontinental
trade is going to be in _finished_ products.

Like magic items.  Like luxury goods.  Also, a Spelljammer ship costing
300,000 gold could transport, say 10 tons, 1,000 miles, every other day.
Assume luxury goods of a modest nature, spices. Spices  of a moderately
rare sort are listed at 2 gp a pound.  So, 20,000 in cargo, every other
day.  Assume 10,000 gp profit, in two _months_ you've paid off the cost
of the ship, in a little more and the operating expenses dissappear.

The East India Company considered it a _profit_  if even one in _four_
trading voyages was a success.

Spelljammers spell the end for small kingdoms.  To deal with someone who
has a spelljammer you either need one or be able to put extreme pressure
on anyone who does.

If a kingdom _does_ start major trading, he is more likely to buy off his
enemies in order to profit from higher trade.  Merchant guilds will _not_
kill the golden goose, and will finance expeditions to get rid of pirates,
dragons, and other rivals of the air.

The weirdest comment I saw was how a Spelljammer fleet couldn't interdict
and underground supply line!  If my possession of a fleet requires my
enemy to build an underground supply line, _and_ garrison his home depots,
I consider that an excellant military investment in a device that pays
for itself in peacetime as well!

Why would merchants boycott a kingdom which used Spelljammers, anyway?

As to kingdom not being able to spend 500,000 on one ship, if that is
so they couldn't spend 50,000 on one Galleon!  Or however much it takes
to build a castle.  If they _don't_ spend that money, they will be taken
over by, or forced to trade through someone who did.

The first groundling empire to dabble in Spelljamming will become so rich and powerd
powerful that everybody else will have to become Spelljamming powers too.

Also, assassins guilds can't do anything about a military expansionist
policy.  Killing the ruler won't stop the merchant adventurers from raiding
your naval commerce at will, or forcing you to commit so much force to
protecting your fleet that it may as well be sunk.  Besides, assassins
fail, and get caught, and get hired by people who suddenly have a lot more
moeny than you do!!!!

Michael Sandy
ps:  There is no way of controlling the source of a Spelljammers' supply
with a measley 10 million gold.  If you control the supply of pepper, he'll
trade in ivory, or rugs, or china, or gems....  If you could control
supplies over 1,000's of miles you have a politcal entity capable of
controlling that area, or he simply deals with other suppliers of the stuff.

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