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From:     Greg Stone <gxs@orville.oeb>
Date:     Mon, 31 Oct 1994 19:08:52 PST
Subject:  Re: 3D maps, travel times & Nilespace

>Hi there,

Hello to you and everyone else,

>From: rjp3@???????.edu (Richard J. Pugh)

[Some good rationale for not having accurate 3D mapps]

>However, in my opinion spelljamming space is best described by some matrix
>          A       B       C
>A         0     40+2D4   30+D2
>B      40+2D4     0      20+2D2
>C       20+D3    NA        0
>where the die rolls represent the shifting of the crystal spheres over time,
>and the assymetry is a result of the direction of the Flow. Of course, this is
>just an example where the numbers might represent days or so. Personally, I
>think that any player could be satisfied with this matrix, especially if you
>explained that there is just no way of knowing exact 3D locations of spheres.

[Insert 2cents in slot please]

Yes I agree with this although I would also like to see an old trader style
map made up as well with lots of mysterious gaps and 'There be Dragons',
etc. write in places to add flavor.
But to get started a matrix of all the known spheres that have appeared in
modules or been made up by people is needed.  Even if someone could post a
list of spheres that would be nice.  I would do it myself but I don't have
the money to buy all the modules yet (I better soon though before their all

[Part 2]

>In one of my campaigns we have Nilespace, a sphere reigned by Egyptian

This is really interesting as I am currently running an Egyptian sphere
myself called Pharaoh space.

>               Furthermore, we have some great Egyptian things like a sun
>going down into a planet, crossing the Night Nile (the underworld) and
>each kingdom has its own moon (like it has its own crown , for those who know
>about Egyptian mythology).

I would really like to hear more about your sphere.  I was unable to
find much information at the local library so most of my campaign is based
on limited knowledge.
Some things that I use are the idea of a giant dung beetle who walks around
the inside of the sphere pushing the sun.  Also to simulate the underworld
I have a plane across the center of the sphere dividing it in half.  The
top half is for the living and anyone can enter into it through portals in
the crystal sphere.  The bottom half is the underworld.  There are no
portals in the sphere for this half so you can only enter from the top half.
Although doing so will kill the character.
Although dead the character can act as normal in the underworld and may not
even know his fate.  To get back to the world of the living so to speak
requires the resurrection of the character, if not available he/she is stuck
in the underworld.  I haven't figured out what's there yet but I don't think
the characters will be bored }:>

>This is all the divine Thot had to say...
>serving him as best as he can, Qrefcit, priest of Thot

...and very tasty too!

 - GregS	Too new to this to have a sig. yet.
		How about "Nile.  Just do it!"
email: G.Stone@???.???.au

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