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From:     RJPugh@???.com
Date:     Fri, 28 Oct 1994 17:36:57 -0400
Subject:  Re: Library 3/6
19. Hall of Perusal

This room was reserved for the Exclusive Members for research, it is far more
comfortable than the other one. This has no windows (with a distracting
view), it was lit by oil lamps hung from the ceiling. A
big wallclock is hung on the north wall, it is of gnomish
manufacture and is still ticking (though it shows the wrong time).

19. a) The closet.

Spare tablecloths, pens, an oil lamp and three large barrels full of

20. The Visitors' Quarters

Room after small room, all arranged in three parallel corridors. All
doors closed and firmly locked. Each room contains some equipment
taken from the destroyed crews - one room contains only swords,
another has enough cooking equipment to satisfy most gastronomous of
halflings. There is treasure in some rooms - coins and jewelry worth
8'000 gp in total. No magic items remain, the Tanar'ri has increased
its' powers by sucking out the magic contained in them. If you feel
really mean, include wands and staves in the discoveries, but no
magic remains in them - just a lingering aura. If the party needs
any kind of material equipment, they are very likely to find it
here. All equipment is personal, the Tanar'ri has not seen fit to
remove anything from the ships themselves.

A) Linen closet, full of sheets, towels etc. For a cheap scare the
fiend might wish to animate a sheet for a round or two.
B) Latrine - pretty basic affair, but luxury after all those
shipbound weeks.
C) Visitors' Kitchen for those middle-of-the-night stomach

1 Swords, arranged in neat rows on beds
2 Axes struck into the wooden walls
3 Silver coins from a multitude of worlds - 2900 in total
4 Belts, Leather armors - every piece carefully torn into small
5 Cooking equipment
6 Diaries, notebooks, pens
7 Lanterns, candles and lamps

8 Rope - various kinds of, one half mile in total
9 Copper coins from scores of spheres - 1900 in total
10 A chest filled with grayish white powder, some specks of metal,
screws and steelplates in the mixture. The victims bones...
11 Missile weapons - xbows, bows, slings
12 Men's clothing (bloodstained and rotten, of negligible value)
13 Used to contain food, but that is long since gone
14 Metal armors gathered into a huge pile, if the door opener fails
a DEX-check he's trapped under the falling pile - taking d10 damage.
Most of the armors baly rusted, but the PCs can discover any kind of
suit here (excepting jousting armor).
15 Powder weapons - 2 arquebuses, 5 starwheel pistols, one keg (10
shots) of powder
16 Gold coins tarnished by age, bearing tens of monarchs and
standards - 2200 in total
17 Nothing at all
18 Women's clothing (as in 12)
19 Miscellaneous equipment, pipes, fishing hooks, eyeglasses
20 A fine collection of jewelry + some loose gems, value totals 3300

21. Roof Garden

Another pleasant spot for relaxation. The ground is brick-hard clay,
totally cracked and dry after decades of drought. The only surviving
plant is a gnarly, twisted appletree bearing a few sickeningly red
fruits. All others have withered, decayed and blown away as dust in
the wind.

The fruits do indeed contain a nasty surprise, but they are not
poisonous. Quite the opposite, their taste is indeed pleasant.
However, when the PC has munched down half of an apple he spots a
human eye within the core - intelligently staring at him. Throwing
the apple off the roof or destroying the tree won't harm the
Tanar'ri at all, just deprive it of some entertainment.

22. Tower of the Art

Up the staircase from the Atlas room leads you to an almost empty
tower room, most shelves contain only dust - only a few books and
some thin leaflets remain in their places. Their titles, at a
glance, all seem related to magic in some way.

All the actually magical books (and most others that had had some
magic leak into them from the neighboring books) have been used to
power up the Tanar'ri's abilities, all that remains is a collection
of purely theoretical books or treatises that didn't contain any new
spells. The book that the elf sought is found here in addition to 22
others. None of them are easily readable, requiring Spellcraft rolls
to understand them. Invent titles as the PCs go through the books,
frequenting weirdly spelled nouns and old-sounding expressions. None
of the books is immediately usable, requiring at least a week of
thorough studying - the subject material is very obscure, especially
to students of more modern magic.

23. Chief Librarian's Rooms

Beyond the pus-creature ravaged librarian's hall the PCs locate yet
another room. This smallish room complex belonged to the chief
librarian. It is located in a smallish tower, outside the main walls
and that's why its' walls haven't been broken. The rooms have been
explored by the Tanar'ri back when he still was substantial, but he
did not find anything of use here.

A) Bedroom
Pretty spartan affair.

B) Gameroom

XXXX was very fond of gambling and here he frequently robbed his
colleagues or some visiting bibliophiles of their cash. In addition
to the beautiful oaken roundtable there's a darts range on the left
side of the room. It has been recently misused, the <<<<taulu<<< and
the surrounding walls are full of small holes - an adventuring
wizard tried out his Dart of the Hornet's Nest here.

C) Bathroom
Luxurious - steel basin that has been sunk into the tile floor. <<<<
XXXX <<<< had one of the staff wizards (an elementalist) create the
water magically, it would be a major chore to transport it here in
Bathing equipment, including a pot of smelly powder and two very
different bath-toys rest on a small stool. One of the toys is a
regular Rubber Duck +2, the other a hideous mummified 4" tall bear
creature (with wings and a pig's snout). It is the body of the fiend
possessing the library, he has partly forgotten about it, partly he
chuckled inside when he "hid" it beside the cute duck - it registers
strongly under a ____detect magic____ or ____detect evil____ spell.

Own library

Coordinates of hometown (hidden within really grating poetry),
coordinates of the base on Slubia,
the keys to the Tome,


24. The Temple of Thoth

A simple shrine, containing just the deity-figure carved of whitest
marble and a crumpled figure on the floor. He is <<<< Mr. X <<<< who
finally succumbed to his wounds here, Tlach and his multitude of
servants have not been able to enter this room. All previous
investigators have chosen other areas to explore, so that the chief
librarian's body and his possessions still remain here.

The body is of the non-animated sort, not smelly at all due to the
dehydration. He's wearing traditional black garb - his material
possessions are easily discovered: 24 gp, ring of keys, ____wand of
magic detection_____ (with 43 charges left), ____Dagger +2 (with
special power: Detect Medusae (120' range))_____.

25. Room of Knowledge

The door to this room has no less than four locks - they can be
picked (two first open normally, the last two impose a -15% to the
open locks roll due to their complexity) or opened with a
_____knock_____ spell. The door cannot be forced under normal
conditions (perhaps with a girdle of giant strength, perhaps not).
The room has no windows, and its' walls have been prepared with
gorgon's blood against an other-planarly assault (no access from
border ethereal or astral planes).

KUVA (lukko)

After dealing with that monstrosity of a lock you finally get the
door open. It moves inward with a teeth-grating noise, revealing a
dark room at the top of the tower. The only pieces of furniture are
a massive oaken table and a throne-like chair near it. On the table

lies open a massive book bound into black slabs of stone and a
inkwell with some weirdlooking feather pens dipped into the long
since dried ink.

This could be an extra helm for the PCs if you think that I've been
too stingy with treasure.

The big book is indeed a rare treasure - the non-seeker people that
have during the last decades laid their eyes upon one can be counted
with one hand's fingers. It's the Tome of Knowledge, the fastest
known method to send information across the Known Spheres. It's a
very massive book, a lot heavier than it seems to be (400 kilos in
fact) - it is very magical, showing up as a white-hot rectangle when
a _____detect magic_____ spell is used.
The book is locked with several massive clasps - the lock last to be
opened (five locks in all) contains the obligatory trap, a
traditional poison needle that can prick the skin of a careless book
thief, the trap has to be disarmed before the book can be opened
safely - this is done by pressing a stud on the engraved clasp (even
if the characters have the keys to the locks the trap remains
active). The poison is very subtle and a saving throw is rolled only
after fifteen minutes, when the venom has penetrated characters
circulatory system completely - only then its effects begin to show
up. If the roll is successful the character feels a strange numbness
in his tongue and fingers, effectively acting at -3 DEX for the next
hour and having a noticable stutter in his speech - on the other
hand, if the roll is missed the character's life functions slow down
to being unrecognizable in fifteen minutes (unless the PCs use some
sort of magical examination - ____detect life____ or somesuch, the
character appears to be dead).
Once the book is opened the characters discover that it's filled
with hundreds, perhaps even thousands of different handwritings -
most of them tiny and very tightly controlled.

Sample entries.... Handout [8].

The pens are indeed crafted of very rare feathers - a knowledgeable
character could recognize cockatrice, hippogriff, ki-rin and
archaeopteryx among them. They might be of some use as material
components in spells or the preparation of scrolls.

The tanar'ri has been unable to enter the room - the keys are in the
sanctum, and he didn't foresee the possibility of the room being
unaccessible from ethereal - he burnt a lot of magic to gain the
power to walk through walls, all for nothing.


Encounters within the Halls of Knowledge

Some of these encounters should happen only once - and you should
refrain from using too many illusions to keep the players scared.
The library patrol encounter happens every time the PCs threaten the

The Dead Librarian
As you enter this room filled with bookshelves you notice that
you're not alone. There's an old librarian lifting a fallen volume
from the floor. He hasn't noticed you - but you do notice that the
shelf is visible through him. When he has replaced the book on a
shelf he turns toward you and the first thing you spot is a large,
still bleeding gash on his transparent throat. He leaps into the air
and in a moment has flown into your midst.

Spectre: AC: xxxxx
<<<< Statz

Ilusion of a spectre. If the party priest rolls really well on his
turning attempt the spirit does indeed react as it should, but the
Tanar'ri launches the same illusion on the PCs after some minutes
(now they have a -2 to their disbelief attempt since the spirit has
so far behaved exactly as it should).

The source of the almost unhearable noises that have followed your
progress lately is finally revealed, a black panther with a
glittering fur coat has silently stalked you here. As it approaches,
it stretches out two long, boneridged tentacles from its back. The
light here must be playing tricks in your eyes, since it is quite
difficult to make out the creature's exact position.

Displacer beast illusion (-4 to disbelieve if the PCs are familiar
with the displacer beast's abilities).

If the PCs try to burn, or otherwise vandalize the collections:
Only a fraction of a second before your torch reaches the bristling
dry pages you hear a wet sploshing sound behind a corner - and soon
a humanoid shape of living water appears and skilfully extinguishes
the torch, wetting you totally in the process.

A small-sized Water Elemental: AC:
<<<< Statz

This isn't a combat to the death, in a couple of rounds the
elemental simply vanishes into thin air. If the PCs reattempt their
vandalism soon, more powerful elementals are sent in to counter the
threat (and they won't give up that easily). The same happens if the
PCs try to move any books from the room they're stored in.

A medium-sized Air/Ice/Water Elemental

If the going gets boring - spice the game up with some easy kills.
More of the disgusting pasty white creatures are in this room -
unfortunately without their clothes. Your stomach turns as you watch
the group shamble to attack in unison.


Ten to fifteen grublings, shouldn't take too long, nor sap the PCs'
strength but minimally.


Return to Ship - all bounded up, crew slaughtered.

Discovery of the ship hold - when, why not before.

Midnight - how the clock tolls.

When the PCs have discovered the Tome of Knowledge:

You slowly climb down the twisting steps from the darkened room and
notice that you are not alone in the library hall. There are two
intimidatingly big fire elementals here to burn you to a crisp, a
flickering figure of a human fighter (nine feet tall) and behind
these, a ghostly, semi-transparent shape of a winged bear with a
human face.


This is not the final battle of the adventure, Thlach cannot be
killed with conventional means and the characters have to exorcise
him to rid the library of him. This is a battle for the gigantic
tome from the locked room - the tanar'ri is too eager to absorb its'
considerable magics. Even if the PCs aren't carrying the book, the
fiend attacks them with all power he has got left - two summoned
elementals and a shadow magic creature.


The elementals and the warrior figure engage the PCs immediately,
the demon circles the party seeking to carry the book away with his
telekinetical abilities. As soon as the summoned creatures are
vanquished the fiend emits a horrifying squeal and dives into a wall
- escaping the PCs.

If the PCs escape without the book and leave the door open or
abandon the book here, Thlach sucks in its' powers, becoming yet
more powerful. The power absorption is a lengthy process, so he
can't do it in the middle of combat.

Final Countdown:

When the PCs have escaped with their loot, remind them that the
adventure is not over yet - they have to take care of the demon
before their mission is finally accomplished (that is, if they wish
to have the Story Award XPs).

The fiend must be destroyed in the library - otherwise it is routed
there when an exorcism attempt is successful. Only by destroying
its' real power base can it be banished to the Abyss for 1001 years.

Let them try to fight the demon normally - it simply won't die, the
ethereal "body" reforms in the Library a couple of hours after the
fight. And the demon regains its' power fast - the disgusting pus
creatures and elementals fight alongside Thlach.

The PCs have to resort to the special FX-department, below are
detailed a few means with which to slay the fiend:

I) Fight fire with fire.

The Therioton contains masses of useful information concerning
fiends - in (21-INT) days time the reader has acquired sufficient
knowledge to lead the other PCs through a low power exorcism

I have always found the AD&D rules about the nonweapon proficiencies
pretty bogus (they don't even give default values for nonskilled
characters). Does the reader gain a full-fledged Tanar'ri-craft NWP
from the book is up to you.

The PCs have to summon the demon to the room they are in, and
quickly draw a chalk-circle on the floor to contain the beast. Only
then the aspiring demonologist can safely proceed with the ceremony.


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