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From:     Michael Bauser <MBAUSER@??????.????.edu>
Date:     Fri, 21 Oct 94 02:57:59 EDT
Subject:  Re: 3D maps and distances (2nd try)
On Fri, 21 Oct 94 07:22:41 +0100 Kelly St.Clair said:

>Completely accurate, three-dimensional charts showing every sphere in its
>  proper relationship to each other is something that we players, living
>  in an age when every inch of our world has been precisely mapped from
>  orbit, take for granted.  Try looking at those out-of-proportion
>  medieval and Rennaisance charts, the ones with bent coastlines and lots
>  of blank space, compiled from the questionable measurements of
>  explorers.  That's what maps of the phlogiston should look like, IMO.

That reminds me--anybody here ever seen a medieval/Renaissance *sailer's*
map used to show a trade route?  Since trade routes almost always followed
a coastline, the maps skipped all geographical detail.  It was just a straight
line, with the landmarks/ports marked on the line as dots, with rough
distances/travel time estimates written in the margin.

Since we do use flying boats in this game (and dammit to hell, I *like*
flying boats), I prefer not to stray any farther from nautical parallels
than I have to.  Light years and parsecs are definitely straying.  I
stick to the "Treasure Island" method.  Maps are a bunch of circles (spheres)
connected by lines (with travel times in the margin, most of the time), and
occassionally cryptic symbols to mark noteworthy things.  Don't need anything
else for travelling.

(Although for the record, I asked some TSR staffers back around 1990 if the
spheres were distributed in a plane or a three-dimensional space, and the
answer was "Yeah, they're in three dimensions, aren't they?" and "I guess
so".  Lots of good that did me.  But I wasn't planning anything that would
have affected Flow travel times anyway.)

    Michael Bauser <mbauser@??????.????.edu or mbauser@??????.bitnet>
"Provide me with ships or proper sails for the celestial atmosphere and
there will be men there, too, who do not fear the appalling distance"
                                                       --Johannes Kepler

Previous Message: Re: Groundlings using spelljammers
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