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From:     Skreyn@???.com
Date:     Thu, 20 Oct 1994 12:09:13 -0400
Subject:  Re: 3D maps
(if you like, you can safely ignore what I posted eariler
today about 3D ... I actually wrote it last night but
didn't send it until this morning)

Niall Hosking wrote:
>As an astronomer, I am not very keen on using a parsec, as it is an
>actual unit ... how would you feel if I started using
>the mile as the distance covered by a person on average terrain by foot
>in one day?

Good point.  Or, more relevant to my specialty, how would I like it if
you defined an Atom as the amount of gold that fits in a small pouch....
All right, sounds like we need a name for our new unit.  I think
that for simplicity's sake, the def'n of this unit should still be
the distance travelled in one week by an average-speed flow current -
that way, it's easily useable by everyone in their own game.

Steven Mann wrote:
>Let me butt in here a minute...this is what I use for my Gurps Space game.

OK, that's understandable to me ... once we have the "grid" and units
established, we'd just need to put a parenthetical note next to
each path between spheres, indicating the travel time (since the currents
vary, absolute distances wouldn't give accurate times - an error
I acknowledge in my own maps that I posted).

Steve Syrek wrote:
>What about Athas and Krynn?

What about 'em?  I know they aren't on my map, but....
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