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From:     Joseph Delisle <jd@?????.net>
Date:     Thu, 20 Oct 1994 09:02:34 -0400 (EDT)
Subject:  Re: Interplanetary speed (fwd)
In a previous message, Skreyn@???.com said...

> >Here's an idea for the slingshot effect:
> >Any comments?
> Sounds good ... but how long does the speed increase last?  Until
> you change direction?

	I figured that the speed increase (and MC penalty) lasts until
the spelljammer actually takes the time to decelerate. I was thinking
that a spelljammer that uses the slingshot effect is going to have a
lot of momentum -- enough to really screw things up. It sounds nice,
to be doing SR 40, but not if there's something in your way... :)
	Also, you might want to prevent a ship from returning to
spelljamming speeds until it decelerates. Since the slingshot effect's
additional momentum is carrying the ship in a direction that may not
be 100% the same as the new direction of spelljamming speed, IMHO the
helm would not engage. (Imagine the damage if the ship goes to
spelljamming speed with momentum giving a SR of 50, and a 5 degree
deviation between courses. Might fall under the "Ship Disintegrated"
critical :)

> Joe, was your last name ever spelled DeLisle in your family
> history?

	To the best of my knowledge, no. But I've only had contact
with a very few family members, so it could have been something my
grandfather changed before he moved away from home. Any particular
reason you ask?

Joe Delisle

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