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From:     Joseph Delisle <jd@?????.net>
Date:     Wed, 19 Oct 1994 09:15:58 -0400 (EDT)
Subject:  Re: Oortlings, Interplanetary Speed
In a previous message, Skreyn@???.com said...

> That speed is basically Wildspace's version of "Hyperspace,"
> or, in Star Trek tems, "warp 10."  I don't things should be
> able to go much faster than that (unless you're using the
> 'slingshot' effect near a gravity well, such as the Ebony Eyes).
> Hmmm ... I guess a Star Wars "Hyperspace" comparison would be
> best - I don't think there is a mention of differences in
> Hyperspace speed in Star Wars.  But I babble.

	Please, let's not bring Star Trek into this; even though I'm a
fan, I don't want a "speed limit" of SR 5 placed on the universe!
Also, for Star Wars there are different speeds in Hyperspace; in the
(canon) Zahn novels, it states that ".5 Lightspeed" equals 125 light
years per hour (!), and is faster than ".4 lightspeed". But I digress,
back to SJ...
	Here's an idea for the slingshot effect: For every size of the
planet over D, 10% is added to spelljamming speeds. Using a size F
planet would give a total SJ speed of 120m miles per day, for
example. Deceleration is the problem. When approaching an object large
enough to cause the switch down to tactical speeds, the SR is now 20
(!), plus 5 per planet size over D. Maneuverability Class drops to F
until speed can be dropped down to the normal SR. Deceleration occurs
at the normal rates.
	Any comments?

> Hmmm ... how about a compromise.  OK, using the Star Trek parallel
> again, most ships can travel at about warp 5 with no problem.
> As you increase the warp speed, there are fewer and fewer ships
> that can reach that speed.  Rather than having it be 25m miles per
> day per SR, how about a base SR of 5 that gets 25m per day, and
> an increase or decrease of 10m if the SR is higher or lower than 5.

	But most shpis are going to have an SR under 5 (at least in my
	I'm partial to the idea of emergency speed -- all ships do the
standard spelljamming speed (100m miles/day), but in an emergency they
can increase their speed by 10% per SR. The disadvantage is that it is
extrememly draining for the mage; it takes twice as much rest for the
mage (or priest or bard) to regain spells or spelljam again.

> I don't want to work out the numbers, but reducing the speed so
> drastically would extend the travel time by a _lot_, yes?  How
> long would it take to fly from Oerth to the sun in Greyspace
> if you were going 25m miles/day?  Could you carry enough food?

	But aren't travel times long enough already? A few well used
"Create Food and Water" and "Protection from Hunger" spells and the
ingenious crew could use the same amount of food. Besides, what's the
point of a longer trip, besides more book-keeping for the
quartermaster? You can just increase the amount of activity in the
system slightly (or make sure the players end up on an interesting
area) to give more role-playing encounters. Keep in mind I'm using a
nice, cool ice para-elemental to type this, not a fire elemental...

Joe Delisle

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Month Index: October, 1994

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