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From:     Skreyn@???.com
Date:     Wed, 19 Oct 1994 03:41:52 -0400
Subject:  Re: Oortlings, Interplanetary Speed
Re:  Oortlings
I agree with Rick and Rich.  The Oortlings are simply researchers,
who study humanoid life forms, and any fear from the locals is
not caused by them.  We _do_ have enough bad guys; more nice
humanoid spacefarers are needed (not that new baddies aren't
welcome, of course!).
Re: Interplanetary speed
Well, I have conflicting opinions on whether ships should be
given variable non-tactical speeds based no SR.  I agree
that a ship with an SR of 9 should fly the pants off of a
ship with an SR of 1, BUT I also see the 100m miles per day
as the maximum speed - because either a natural limitation
of the helms, or of space itself.

That speed is basically Wildspace's version of "Hyperspace,"
or, in Star Trek tems, "warp 10."  I don't things should be
able to go much faster than that (unless you're using the
'slingshot' effect near a gravity well, such as the Ebony Eyes).
Hmmm ... I guess a Star Wars "Hyperspace" comparison would be
best - I don't think there is a mention of differences in
Hyperspace speed in Star Wars.  But I babble.

Hmmm ... how about a compromise.  OK, using the Star Trek parallel
again, most ships can travel at about warp 5 with no problem.
As you increase the warp speed, there are fewer and fewer ships
that can reach that speed.  Rather than having it be 25m miles per
day per SR, how about a base SR of 5 that gets 25m per day, and
an increase or decrease of 10m if the SR is higher or lower than
5.  Thus, we do get a variance, but not as great as a 25m/SR
model (which would basically cripple ships with helms like the
furnace, condemned to a speed of 50m miles per day...).

I don't want to work out the numbers, but reducing the speed so
drastically would extend the travel time by a _lot_, yes?  How
long would it take to fly from Oerth to the sun in Greyspace
if you were going 25m miles/day?  Could you carry enough food?

Speaking of food ... I need breakfast.  M-O-O-N, that spells
Sean K Reynolds   a.k.a. Veggie Boy  skreyn@??????.com  skreyn@???.com
"You think you're so smart, but I've seen you naked,
"I'll probably see you naked again." 'Blame it on me', BareNaked Ladies

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