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From:     john double <jdouble@?.???.edu>
Date:     Tue, 18 Oct 1994 13:45:19 -0500 (CDT)
Subject:  Re: Quotations
"We're HOW FAR away from home???"
	- Quoted from a groundling newcomer to wild space.

"Don't worry, one fireball in the middle of their ship should do the
trick just like at home."
	- A groundling mage new to the Flow trying to help eliminate a
	Kender situation.  The following quote was the captain's response.

"Have a Blast!"
	- A merchant's response to a Corsair who busted him the week
	before.  [The merchant sold the corsair a ring of fire shielding
	but called it a ring of shielding instead.]

"...and you're trying to tell me that the little dot on the left of that
moon is really my world.  Ya right!"
	- A groundling swash buckler getting an explanation of where she
	is after being kidnapped at port.

"Wild space is kinda' like bein'married - one wrong statement to the
wrong creature and that's all she wrote."
	- An experienced captian rambling to his first mate after his
	fourth divorce.

"So would you be terribly upset if I told you that our half-ogar
companion kinda broke that fancy chair downstairs?"
	- A groundling adventures group talking with the captain at port.

"Some help those stoneskins were..."
	- An unknown spellcaster knocked off her ship by a gnomish sweeper.

"Your telling me that they want us to set down a mile out and sail in
like groundlings?  HELL NO!!  Straight to the port!"
	- A captain who's been in wild space a little too long
	approaching Waterdeep minutes before his ship was blown to pieces.

"What do you mean she locked the door?!?"
	- The second helmsman explaining why the ship isn't under control
	after being damaged during a battle and the first helmsman was
	knocked out.

"The meanest and cruelest group of pirates I've ever seen was a group of
females.  First, they take your heart.  Then everything you own.  And
then leave you stranded and empty handed.  TYPICAL!"
	- Former captain of a ship that let them come aboard willingly.

Well met!!

My name is John Double and I'm new to the list.  I'm proud to be aboard
and hope, even though I'm not totally versed in the spelljammer setting,
I can provide some interesting input - even if some of it is comedy.

Until next.

J. P. Double [jdouble@??.?.???.edu]

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