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From:     RJPugh@???.com
Date:     Mon, 17 Oct 1994 17:23:47 -0400
Subject:  Re: Terraspace: The Oortlings
Hello again.

Back when Terraspace was a hot topic, several people brought in the "little
green men" of real-world (tm) UFO lore.  After a while, we decided that these
little green men were in fact Oortlings.  While most of the Oortling race was
decimated by the Illithids in Realmspace (see the Realmspace book), a handful
of them escaped to Terraspace, and the race survived to become a major
spelljamming race, at least in Terraspace.

However, they are enegmatic, and don't show up very often.  When they do,
it's under mysterous circumstances.  I want to post a question for you folks.
 That is, what are the Oortlings like as a whole?

1) Do they follow the "X-Files" model?  Do their translucent "jellyfish"
ships descend into the night sky of Terra or Mars and snatch up locals for
use as specimens in some rather horrid experiments?  If they were ever
directly confronted, would their small, swift "flumph" ships come down like a
swarm of hornets, leaving a path of devistation?  In short, are they
malavolent and paranoid?  Considering the way the Illithids treated them in
the past, this would make sence.


2) Do we follow the "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," or the "Coccoon"
scenario?  Sure, they come in at night and sometimes snatch up a local for
study, but they don't intend on inflicting any harm.  Perhaps they are simply
studying the groundlings of Terra and Mars?   They simply don't realize that
they are scaring the hell out of everyone, or perhaps, being rather nervous
around other races, they create an aura of fear to protect themselves, even
though they mean no harm?

Personally, I'm leaning more toward option 2.  Spelljammer has plenty of
outer space nasties running around.  Do we really need another set?  This is
just my personal opinion.

What do you folks think?


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Month Index: October, 1994

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