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Month Index: October, 1994

From:     Skreyn@???.com
Date:     Sat, 15 Oct 1994 03:28:11 -0400
Subject:  Re: Modrons, etc. (REPOST)
Here's a repost of the Modrons in SJ, their Law Helm, and their
Gearcrank ships, as originally designed by Hcarth@???.com.
This info will eventually be included in the new ...
whatever we decide to call it.  :)

In recent years, during the last Unhuman War, a new crystal shell was
discovered.  Now known as The Sphere of Extreme Order, the inhabitants of
this sphere had no way to breach the crystal shell and expand into known
space.  The inhabitants, known to a few as the Modrons, had developed a form
of spelljamming, known as the Law Helm (q.v), but still they could not reach
the phlogiston.  An elven man-o-war lost in battle, found the sphere, and
opened a portal to its interior.  There they found its planets rotated around
an empty spot, a gateway to the Plane of Mechanus.  It planets orbited on
great gears around this gate, much the way the realm of Mechanus spins and
whirs.  The Modrons sailed in great ships also consisting of the spinning
gears.  They had conquered each planet in the system and were waiting to
expand into the great space beyond.  When their Gearcrank vessels (q.v)
entered the flow, unexpected changes followed.  No longer were they connected
to the omnipotent force of Primus, the one and the Prime.  The first modron
to enter the flow was promoted to Primus, the next 4 to secundus, the next
nine to Tertian and so on.   This caused havoc as the Modrons entered the
Phlogiston, for literally over night, there were hundreds of Primus.  Being
cut off from the "dying" force of the original primus, forced the new Primus
to interpet the new information being forced into his brain.  With the
hundreds of Primus that arose, hundreds of interpretations of Modron
knowledge arose.  Factions of Modrons now fly the space ways engaged in a
battle that rivals that of the beholders to see whose interpretation is
correct.  The largest warfare takes place in a sphere known as Laertospace,
in which the Order of Experience and The Mechanical order battle for
supremacy.  It should be noted that no Mordron factions exist beyond one
ship, this is because as a member of faction exits into the flow, he is
promoted to Primus, and another faction arises.    The reasons for the
difference in interpretation is unknown, but some sages speculate that in
Modron prehistory the race dwelt in Limbo, before the original Primus arose
and led his people on a trek across the outlands to Mechanus. Strangly the
Gods are silent when this question is posed.  Whatever the reason for the
interpretations, one fact is certain: If it were not for the fact that when a
Modron is killed, his life force returns to Mechanus, the Modrons would soon
over populate the universe.  The only exception is Modrons killed in the
flow, they cannot return, it is unkown if they die or if they become some
sort of spiritual presence lurking for all eternity in the rainbow ocean.

Built by: Modrons
Used by: Modrons
Tonnage: 45
Hull points: 45
Crew: 10/45
Land-land: No
Land-water: No
AC: 0
Save as: Adamantium
Power type: Law Helm
SR: Special
Cargo: 23
Keel: 90'
Beam: 50'
Standard Armaments: None
     The GearCrank appears as thousands of turning gears all connected in
perfect logic.  The Modrons move hurridly about these with ease, all
following the orders of their leaders.  Other races on the ship become
disoriented, suffering a -5 penalty to hit, and they lose their shield and
dexterity AC bonuses.
     Crew: A typical Modron crew, in spheres where Primus has influence,
consists of 1 Quadrone, 4 Tridrone, 16 Duodrone (size Small), 64 Monodrone
(Size Small).  Note that this only holds true in spheres where there are
gates to Mechanus.  Ships elsewhere may have any crew.
Uses:  The ship is only used for the faction wars that now speckle
wildspace.  The wars are typically boarding actions, though some factions
do mount weapons on there ships.

Law Helm
The ships rating is determined as for how many lawful beings are on the ships
at once.  For every 5 lawful beings, the ship gets one SR point (Max 8), for
every Chaotic Being on the ship the ship loses one SR point.

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Month Index: October, 1994

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