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From:     RJPugh@???.com
Date:     Fri, 14 Oct 1994 19:42:08 -0400
Subject:  Re: Temperant Priest kit
Hi folks!  I was just digging through my archives (ha ha) and do any of you
remember that bard kit I was looking for some time back?  Well, it turns out
that I had it all along!  It also turns out that this is a Priest kit, and
not a bard kit.

(embarassment overload).

Well, here it is, for the curious:


Subject: New Class: Temperant
From: Jeff M. Beisch, orion@????.???????.edu
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 1993 14:53:31 GMT

Temperant, a new class for the SpellJamming Campaign

Ability Requirement:
Wisdom 12
Constitution 12
Prime Requisite:       Wisdom
Races Allowed:         All (but currently only the humans from the original
settlement have the knowledge)

It is only in the loneliness of space which such a class could develop.  A
 small group of clerics lost control of their ship and landed it on a barren
asteroid in some unknown sphere. Unable to repair the ship for space travel
 they were forced to live out the rest of their lives on the rock.  Although
 able to create a self-sustaining community, they all began to long for
contact  with other people.  Despair of the current isolation sent them into
deep meditation and thought.  It is here where they discovered, within
everyone, the Essence or Life Force and how to control/use it.

They discovered that within each living being there is a Life Force or
Essence which is a direct representation of one's being. It could be
controlled  for a myriad of noncoporeal purposes or used upon one's body and
mind.  It took many generations of indepth thought, deep meditation and
meticulous study to hone the Essence into a usable force.  In doing so, they
have brought themselves to one with the cosmos, as they realized, not just
living entities contain the Essence, all things contain it.

 A Temperant worships his mind, body, and essence, thus, having no deity to
pay homage to.  They do however, gain abilities identical to the deity
granted prayers of priests.  A Temperant must be of a lawful alignment but
may associate with any value range (good, neutral, evil).  They tend,
however, to stay away from evil alignments due to its often harmful effect on
the person.

 A Temperant who has a Wisdom of 16 or more and Constitutionof 14 or more
gains a 10 percent bonus to the experience points earned.

 Although their order does not concentrate on fighting, they have developed
skill in melee.  They feel that a strong, able body (may use fighter Con/Str
bonuses, d8 for HP, Priest saves) is necessary in the life of the Essence and
train themselves to fight relatively well in combat (thief THAC0) and treat
the  weapon as an extension of themselves (only slashing weapons are
allowed).  They
disapprove of armors (not shields though) due to their belief in a pure body,
one should not need the cumbersome protection of armor but rather rely one's
innerself.  They can use all magic items, those which effect AC are allowed
while actual armors are not.  They may use items accessible to Warriors and

Proficiency Slots*
  Initial          #Levels         Penalty        Initial        #Levels
     3                4              -3              4              3
*proficiencies may be chosen from General\Warrior\Priest (inc. Spelljamming

A Temperant philosophy, or the Animus, grants them with the ability to
 manipulate their essence.  This grants them special abilities much like
priest  prayers, yet no deity is involved, just one's Life Force.  Their
powers manifest as the spells contained in the Thought, Travelers, Time,
Wards, Numbers, Astral, Chaos and Law spheres.  The effect, duration, damage,
etc is the same as if it were cast as a prayer.  The means to use it are

Instead of having a predetermined number of prayers per level, the Temperant
spends Essence Points (EP) on spells.  The EP of a prayer is equal to its
level.  Thus Command, a first level Priest prayer, would cost 1 EP.  A
Temperant has EPs as follows:  (Constitution Score/2) * level (round up).
 Thus a 4th level Temperant with a constitution of 12 has 24 EPs.  The
Temperant gains access to the levels of the prayers as follows:  for every 3
levels of experience, one level of prayers.  Thus, a 6th level Temperant has
access to all prayers of 2nd level or less.  If the Temperant has a Wisdom
score of 16 or more, you add on to prayer level.  Thus the same Temperant
with a 16 Wisdom could use up to 3rd level prayers.  The Temperant's
effective spell level is equal to the Temperant's level/2 (round up). Once
EPs are spent to create a spell affect they cannot be reused or regained
except by sleeping (all recovered in 8 hours or if less sleep same fraction
recovered as fraction of 8 hours) or heavy meditation (all recovered in 4
hours, if not in heavy meditation for 4 hours, NONE regained).  Heavy
meditation does not replace sleep, the Temperant must sleep at least 4 hours
a day or not gain any EP or be able to use any currently stored.

Essence Points can also be used in some different/beneficial ways.  The
Temperant can heal at the rate of 1 hp/ 2 EP.  The Temperant may also effect
his "luck" by influencing the flow of events by using EP.  This relates to
 modifying "to hit" rolls, damage, saves etc made by the character at the
cost of +1 bonus/5 EP.  The Temperant cannot effect the "luck" of others, he
cannot influence other's rolls.  The final and most powerful use of EP is the
Strike.  The Temperant literally attacks with his life force.  This attack
happens before any attacks in the round it is declared occurs and can be used
against only one target.  The target receives no save but may attempt to use
any skill/abilities which allow dodges or evading.  The armor of the target
is calculated from its natural AC and any bonuses not including magic items.
 No armor or magical enchantments except artifacts can modify the target AC,
attributes and skills.  The Temperant makes a normal "to hit" roll with a
bonus equal to his current level divided by.

Due to the Temperant's firm grounding in the understanding of the universe,
and his own consciousness, he receives a +4 save to all illusions above 3rd
level and is immune to 1st through 2nd. He also receives a bonus of +4 in
saves vs various mental attacks and +2 to saves vs toxins.

ALSO:  Due to the Temperant's oneness with the universe, he receives a +2
perception rolls and cannot be suprised.  He is also able to sense presences
(I know we are being watched) and is aware of major events even those beyond
normal senses (I sense something...). This is due to his conciousness delving
into the being of the universe thus allowing  him to be more aware of his

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